Top 10 Tips to Increase Page Rank

Page Rank is actually a link algorithm used by search engines especially Google to determine the importance of your website on the web. Increasing Page rank has been a great challenge for the bloggers and webmasters for long. As we all know that Google measures the page rank from a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 implies the least trusted site and 10 shows the highest ranked and the most trusted website. To increase Page rank fast you need backlinks. And not only backlinks help in increasing the rank but you must have quality and authority backlinks pointing to your website if you want Big Google to love you while ranking you in SERPs. Mainly the page rank is calculated on the basis of backlinks, inbound links, internal links, do follow links and a lot more. Here I have collected some tips on how to increase page rank easily with the tactics given below. Let’s have a look at the ways to increase Google Page rank rapidly.


Increase Page Rank

Increase Page Rank

Increase Page Rank

10) Accessibility


The first and the foremost thing after you have done establishing a website is to maintain it properly.  If you are using a limited web hosting package or your web host provider is not good enough  then you may face the problem that your website keep on getting down every time there is a little surge of traffic. Apart from bad user experience it has a really bad impact on your Google ranking and you will lose your trust in eyes of Google. So try to make sure that your website is accessible all the time.

9) Abstain From Illegal Tactics

Keep in mind that you cannot deceive Google so better only use White Hat SEO techniques and promotion or advertising of your website. Make sure that you only use those methods to increase the traffic of your website which are announced legal by Google. Illegal tactics to drive traffic to your blog will ban you from Google so there is no question of increasing page rank.

8) Website Advertising

The website Advertising is the next most important thing you can start off to increase your page rank easily. Make an attractive banner or widget for your blog and advertise that banner on the related websites in your niche who have good rankings and good page ranks so it will also help your blog ranking ultimately.

7) Participate In Forums

Yes, you heard it right. Participating in forums not only increases your traffic rapidly but also helps in increasing page rank in the long run. You can place the link of your website in the signature place with the appropriate anchor text. But you must try to make sure that you must actively participate in those forums which are related to your website niche. It helps in strong readership.

6) Search for Popular Keywords

Keep an eagle eye on Google Adwords and search for keywords for which you can rank and gain more traffic. Writing on hot and popular topics can drive a huge number of visitors which can link to your blog with natural link building. Using the proper heavy traffic keywords and optimizing them in a good way can make you stand out in the crowd of the search engine and will ultimately build trust for Google.

5) Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking have gained a lot of popularity in these 2-3 years and you can gain dozens of high quality backlinks by submitting your website to the major and renowned social bookmarking websites. Try to post on regular basis on the popular social bookmarking websites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Digg which help in traffic and also helps in increasing ranking.

4) Quality Content

Updating your blog or website with new, fresh and quality content is the main point you should never forget. You may have heard for sure that Content is the King so keep on posting something new, fresh and informative so that people love your content. The more you post the better your ranking and it helps yielding Google Page rank fast.

3) Exchanging Links

You must try to exchange links with your websites in your niche who already have a good reputation in search engine and are performing well. Ask their webmasters to co-operate with you in this regard and place their link on your website. In this way both the websites get benefit and get targeted traffic as bloggers wish.

2) Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another good tactic to increase page rank. So you must try to do extensive blog commenting on related blogs and websites who have a good and strong base readership. While commenting on blogs please keep in mind that you do not post rubbish comments otherwise they will be deleted. Post something creative and constructive which helps the community. :)

1) Guest Posting

The best and most popular technique to improve the Page Rank is to write guest post for high ranking blogs. Guest Posting has proved to be the best and the fastest way yet to increase Google Page rank. Actually the high ranking websites have page rank for their posts and pages too so you can easily gain 2 or 3 page rank with only guest posting on quality websites.



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    Very good article to follow “To increase Page rank fast you need back links”, i am building as link as much i can for my side.

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    There are several ways to earn a good ranking and archiving of Google
    1 – to be continuously publishing webmasters
    2 – not to be the site that will be published by the Nulfo
    3 – to publish an exclusive threads … This is an important point
    4 – you’ll get a vote of Google

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