Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World

An Intelligence Agency is the most powerful organization for any nation and country. There are countless number of Intelligence Agencies in the World which are doing great deal of work for the security of any nation and they also act as a powerful and strong hold regarding to destabilize there target. Actually the thing is that these Intelligence Agencies have really complicated networks so its really impossible to trace and figure out that what they actually are doing. Thus it is also really hard to list that which are the Top Intelligence agencies in the World. But still we have gathered a little data and here we are with the best Agencies working in the world. They have really weird operations , thinking and decisions being taken which are mostly misunderstood by most of the people but they come out to be indeed worth full in the end as they have the security and prosperity of their country as there first priority.  Out of the hundreds of Intelligence Agencies we have compiled the list of best Intelligence Agencies. Lets have a look and their unique performances.


Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

10. ASIS – Australia


ASIS – Australia

ASIS – Australia

Australian Secret Intelligence Agency is the official Australian government agency which is responsible for collection intelligence data of foreign countries. It was formed in 1952 and its current Director General is  Nick Warner. The most interesting part of this agency is that it was a secret to its own Australian government for over more than twenty long years. You can easily imagine the power of the agency. Its interest mostly lies in Asia and pacific regions and its agents are spread worldwide collecting and keeping the records of protection of the economic and political side of their country. The approximate budget of the ASIS is $162 Million.

9. RAW – India


RAW – India

RAW – India

Research and Analysis Wing is Indian’s external intelligence agency which ranks 9th on top Intelligence agencies. It was formed in 1968 after the two worse encounters of wars. First in 1962 with with Sino-Indian War and Indo-Pak War in 1965. With the two worse defeats of Indians they realized that there should be a strong external agency which should protect and keep an eye on outside India so that they should realize any war condition at early stage. Firstly Intelligence Bureau of India was responsible for both internal and external duties but it failed completely.

8. DGSE – France


DGSE – France

DGSE – France

Directorate General for External Security of France  is active in providing intelligence , national security operations abroad. The agency was formed in 1982 and its main focus is to get record and gather intelligence from different sources to assist in military and strategic operation for the country. The DGSE agency employs more than 5000 people and its under operation of Erard Corbin de Mangoux who is the Agency executive.

7. FSB – Russia


FSB – Russia

FSB – Russia

Federal Security Bureau and Service of Russian Federation is the main domestic security agency in the country. All law enforcements and agencies work under the orders of FSB. The FSB is responsible for both internal and external security of the Russian state. It is involved in counter intelligence, Internal border security , fight terrorism and surveillance. It also fights against organized crimes, terrorism and drug smuggling inside the state. According to a secret information, it has over 350,000 employees working inside and oversees too.

6. BND – Germany


BND – Germany

BND – Germany

Bundesnachrichtendienst is the foreign Intelligence Agency of Germany and its the official government security agency which works as early warning system to alert the German government officials which are against the German interests. It highly depends on international communications and wiretaps the online calls. It collects the data and evaluates the information and analyze the data to give the officials the report. As external intelligence agency, BND offers both military and civil services  with its 6000+ agents.

5. MSS – China


MSS – China

MSS – China

Minister of State Security is the Chinese largest and most active intelligence agency. It is head quartered in Beijing and it spans of keeping an eye on international and political matters, they have strict policy for foreign agents and spies. One of the primary mission of the MSS is to gather information from various countries abroad. Many MSS agents are said to have been working in USA, Canada and Australia and most of them worked as big businessmen, bankers, scholars and Journalists. This indeed demonstrates the wide scope of this Great Intelligence Agency.

4. Mossad – Israel


Mossad – Israel

Mossad – Israel

The Mossad is responsible for collecting Intelligence for Israel, It is one of the most successful Intelligence agency in the world. It also takes an active part in covert operations and paramilitary activities. Mossad is really famous for its operations and of trace different myths and mysterious of their interests. The Acquisition of MIG-21 in 1967 and theft plans of Mirage 5 was also a great success of this agency. It also helped and assisted US in supporting Solidarity.  The agency was formed in 1949 and have approx 1200 employees and Meir Dagan as its Director.

3. M1-6 – United Kingdom


M1-6 – United Kingdom

M1-6 – United Kingdom

The M1-6 of the Great Britain is also an effective Intelligence Agency. It is a bit equivalent of CIA of America. It has a good perception and with a great technological features its stands on the 2nd Spot of Best Agency in the world. They are said to access really confidential details and documents of their targets and to alter any details they wish. There track success is yet not declared.

2. ISI – Pakistan


ISI – Pakistan

ISI – Pakistan

With the lengthiest track record of success the best known Intelligence Agency is ISI. The Inter Service Intelligence was formed in 1948 just a year after the independence of Pakistan and it was created in order to strengthen the performance of this newly born country. Its success in achieving its goal without leading to any big invasion is indeed a feet which is unmatched and no one can ever compete this high profile yet the ever Best Intelligence in the World. It have absolutely no double agents since its history and this is the reason its one of the Top Agency. Some of the really interesting facts are that there officials are never caught on camera and it is above all the laws in its country. It is one of the least funded Intelligence Agency out of all these Top 10 and it has 10,000 really great agents working world wide.

1. CIA – America


CIA - America

CIA – America

CIA is the largest and the most advanced Intelligence Agency which is responsible for gathering data and information from other countries which could impact US policy in any case. The director of CIA is Leone Panetta and it was formed in 1947.Its main focus at the moment is to fight for terrorism. Its primary mission after 9/11 attack is to acquire Al Qaeda Leaders and to make Al Qaeda as weak as possible. CIA and US army completely failed in their mission against terrorism and not a single Al Qaeda Leader was caught in 9 long years of hard work. But they got a bit of Success in killing Osama Bin Laden the great Al Qaeda Leader in May 2012 in Pakistan where he was hiding. The most dangerous situation is that with having the highest budget and most advanced features CIA has failed a lot.

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World”

  1. Muhammad Saleem says:

    It really feels great to be a Pakistani and watching ISI on no. 2 in this list. Goodluck ISI.

  2. Steve says:

    If ISI of Parkistan is that good, why didn’t they find Osama bin Laden, and If they were hiding him they didn’t do a very good job. Either way they were an embarrassment.

    • naveed says:

      Steve i think u r missing the part of us president speech after the killing of obl in which he clearly mention the help of pakistan in finding obl… and also isi officials gave statment that they gave information to cia about obl.. in detail isi gave lead to the cia by tracing a phon call in the region of abbot abad pakistan, and after that cia started their mission.. and as u menstion isi was hiding obl may b isi didnt need obl more so they gave information about him to cia.. it may b all planned by isi.. think it.. haha..

  3. Naveed Tufani says:

    I love ISI & Pak Army. It is our proved in all the world My Sweet Allah save our country

  4. Sam says:

    Had you see that Osama is in Pakistan … If white army caught him why they dont show his body … what is the need to put him in sea before day rise …. Give me a break dude … cx your white army propogenda …. then ask question frm us…

  5. Nizam says:

    ISI number 1 agency all over the world!they defeated Russian Army in 1974 and broke the Russia now America’s turn!

  6. Partha says:

    ISI is 2nd best??!! Huh!!!!!!! Only a die hard fools like Naveed Tufani and Muhammad Saleem can believe in such hoax reports. India lost 1965 war ?? One could call it largely undecisive war but balance was tilted in India’s favour. India is not building its military power to be used against trivial Pakistan. We are preparing to give befitting reply to China, to deface China and leave deep scars which will bleed China for many years if they choose to challenge us.

    Pakistan does not have quality engineering colleges. How they will ever bring their country out of such primitive condition. By begging from China……!!!!!!! Pakistani leader aur Pakistani military chief bolega-Allah ke naam pe de de Chinese baba…..

  7. pak says:

    i think iranian intelligence service on2 or 3

  8. Jerry says:

    If Soviet Russia was still around, I believe that the KGB would definitely be number two, since the CIA and the KGB were the most influential during the Cold War.

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