Top Ten Asian Getaways

10. Eat out in Penang

Penang Street Food

Spicy Malaysian Treat – Photo by jonolist

The center of much of Asia’s immigration, Penang boasts some of the continent’s most varied and delicious cuisine. Influences ranging from Indian to Chinese, all with a Malay-twist, make sure you’re wearing loose trousers if you’re visiting the Malaysian island.


9. Go Trekking in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Thailand

Take a walk in Chiang Mai – photo by FullofTravel

The hustle and bustle of Bangkok can often get to much for visitors to Thailand and many tourists are favoring the country’s captivating northern region. The area’s capital, Chiang Mai, boasts some of Asia’s best mountain treks, and the temples and markets make it a great destination.


8. Tune in to Beijing

Beijin China

Photo by degreezero

China’s capital city doesn’t have as big a population as Shanghai or as vibrant business distracts as Hong Kong, but Beijing still attracts huge numbers of tourists due to his importance to the country’s cultural history. Be it the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City, Beijing is one the most under-rated but significant regions in Asia.


7. Gambling in Singapore

Casino in Singapore

Try your luck in Singapore – Photo by mac_ivan

After being banned in the country for so long, Singapore is now one of the gambling capitals of Asia. As well as the increasing popularity of the online casino for Singapore gamblers, the region is now considered to be one of the best places to visit for tourists looking to try their luck on the roulette tables.

6. Chill Out in Bali

Bali beach

Laid back in Bali – Photo by Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One Magazine

If you’re looking for a relaxing bit of island living, Bali in Indonesia has everything you could want from a holiday. Whether you’re backpacking around Asia or looking for a 5-star break by the beach, Bali is a beautiful slice of paradise that can fit in with a range of budgets.


5. Explore the Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap Cambodia

Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap

Temples of Angkor – Photo by Ellen Munroe

Still overlooked by many looking for adventures in Asia, the Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap is fast becoming one of Cambodia’s best-hidden secrets. Built between the 9th and 15th century, the hundreds of temples dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist deities is another example of the country’s fascinating history.


4. Climb Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong

Victoria's Peak Hong Kong

Because It’s There… – Photo by Jirka Matousek

Hong Kong is a city known for its massive skyscrapers, buzzing atmosphere and being the home of Hong Kong Disneyland. But it is Victoria Peak, the highest point in the city, which is the region’s most popular tourist locations, with over 9 million visitors climbing the 1,810 feet to the summit each year.


3. Find Yourself in Goa

Goa India

Magical Goa Sunset – Photo by Swami Stream

Once the number-one destination for musicians and hippies, Goa is still one of India’s most popular locations for tourists. While the region is a more sophisticated area than in the past, Goa is a delightful alternative to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and Delhi. With picturesque beaches and air of spirituality, Goa has something for everyone looking to unwind.


2. Go Shopping in Tokyo

Asakusa Tokyo

Tourists in Asakusa Tokyo – Photo by Andrea Schaffer

Along with its rich history and wide-range of tourist attractions, Tokyo is one of the best places in the world to go shopping. Whether it’s high-end or eccentric fashion or cutting-edge electronics, the Harajuku and Akihabara areas of Tokyo are must-visit destinations for anyone heading to Japan’s capital.


1. Hop Down to Thailand’s Beautiful Island Beaches

Island Beach in Thailand

Endless white sand on Thailand’s island beaches – photo by

While you’d be forgiven for missing the likes of Koh Lanta and Koh Lipe when looking at a globe, anyone who’s visited the breathtaking islands off the southern coast of Thailand will be left with a lasting impression of one of Asia’s most popular holiday destinations. If you’re a fan of white sandy beaches and clear blue water, Thailand’s islands are as beautiful and diverse as any in the world, and a much cheaper alternative than a holiday in Hawaii. Add to that Thailand’s unique and delicious cuisine and it’s a no-brainer – book your flight today!



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