Top 10 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

The launch of this new Samsung Galaxy S4 has created a storm in the Android industry and this great and impressive Android Smart phone Galaxy S4 by Samsung is indeed a worth machine to buy. From its ability to read hand and air gestures to its high standard class 8-cored processor this Samsung Galaxy S4 tends to be the best Smartphone ever launched in the history of Mobile phones. The innovative features of Galaxy S4 are worth it and you will surely love to watch out all these amazing and awaited features in a smartphone. Now when the dust of this top class smartphone has started to settle down we can take a step back and review and have a look that what Samsung Galaxy S4 has really to offer. It is considered to be one of the best upgrade in the whole mobile industry. So apart from all this discussion lets come to our main point of the best Top 10 Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 which is soon going to be released in the market.


Features of Samsung Galaxy S4


 Top 10 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Watch On


The watch on is one of the most amazing and cool feature of Galaxy S4 actually it turns the phone into a remote control for your TV and or cable. The phone consists of GS4 infrared transmitter which can be organized in such a way to synchronize to almost any of your household electronics. This great feature ranks this smartphone to be the Ultimate remote control mobile phone.

2. 13-megapixel camera


The smartphone has a front and rear camera of 13 mega pixels which is an improved and a better version from its predecessor which has a 8 megapixel camera only. So capturing the pictures and videos of your memorable moments is easier than anything now. You can get sharp photos and extra resolution too with this camera. The camera also features one of the top pictures editing software for use.

3. Dual Camera


Almost all the new and latest Smartphones offer the dual cameras but the amazing thing is that you can take photos using both rear and front cameras at exactly the same time which seems to be a weird feature for sure. But this new phone now offers this feature at your hand. Video chats and taking pictures in such a way is one of the newest thing one have ever dreamt of from a phone.

4. Smart Scroll


The mobile phone as mentioned earlier is the combination of really unbelievable features. Samsung decided to put this smart scroll feature in Galaxy S4 so that you don’t need to take your finger in to action and you can perform any task with just different movements of your eyes. The phone is really intelligent in telling when to scroll up or down and where to scroll sensing your wrist and eyes movements.

5. Knox


This KNOX feature is the security feature which they introduced in the new Samsung mobile phone. It is the strong security feature to protect you when you are on a corporate network and make sure that your phone is safe and secure all the time. We think that Samsung is trying hard to compete and show dominance over Blackberry to make gains and increase their market reputation in the business sector too.

6. Air View/Gesture


The Hand gesture feature is considered to be the coolest feature of Galaxy S4. They can be used to answer calls or change the song from the list among with dozens of other functions. The proximity sensors used in this smartphone will also be able to tell when your fingers move and take action accordingly. Hovering fingers over this can make anything you want out of it.

7. S Translator


Want to communicate with people all over the world or you do have a lot of other acquaintances and need to talk in different languages than S Translator can easily help you with it and will translate any text in any language instantly in your supported and understood language. Samsung not only offers to translate text things but can also translate voice chats in the language you wish.

8. Octa-core processor


You can easily judge the performance of Galaxy S4 with its Octa cored processor. It is a big advancement for Samsung since most of the mobile phones have only quad core processor to offer. It is indeed the speediest mobile phone released yet.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the 1.6 Ghz Octa core processor inside offering more than only a smartphone.

9. Screen


Samsung go big with screens of their mobile phones and this Galaxy handset has a five inch clear crystal five inch display. It is not only a screen but a super AMOLED screen with a density of 441 ppi(pixels per inch).The Apple’s Retina Display on the iPhone 5 has a screen density of 326 pixels per inch only. So this means that Samsung has now become one of the Top Smartphone Company.

10. S-Health


Are you health conscious of yourself? The latest and new Galaxy S4 will help you consider all your best health needs and take care of exercise to burn off that fat and extras you may eat during the day. It can apparently check and track your health on basic inputs from the users and the really smart sensors can give you a very precise and the best results. A great and undoubtedly the unique feature not found mostly in the smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to release in April 2013 and the company is expecting huge sales for this handsome mobile phone. What do you think of this cell phone and are you planning to buy this smartphone this year?

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