Top Ten Most Common Dreams, and What They Mean

It’s been said that our dreams are like a window into the unconcious mind. Others believe that dreams can predict the future. Dream interpretation has been around forever, and whether or not you think it’s valid, it can be fun to learn about dream symbols and their possible meanings. We enlisted the help of online dream dictionary,, to find out the 10 most common kinds of dreams and their meanings.

10. Dreams about  Water


Dreams of Water

The topic of water in dreams can cover quite a range of things. Lakes, river, streams, the ocean, a bathtub. But the dream experts seem to agree that water in your dream symbolizes your range of emotions. The state of the water is important. For example, a gently flowing stream implies that your emotions are calm and stable. But a raging torrent could reflect a turbulent situation in your waking life. Dreams of water tend to happen when one’s life is going through changes.








9. Dreams about Death


Dreams about Death

Most people have dreamed about death at one time or another. Usually you wake up afterward feeling sad – and then feel relieved when you understand that it was just a dream. If someone close to you has died recently, your subconscious could be trying to tell you that you haven’t yet come to terms with your loss. In this way, dreams can be an important part of the emotional healing process.

If you have a dream involving your own death, it could mean that some event in your real life has reminded of your own mortality. It can also symbolize the end of some phase in your life, such as a job, school, or a relationship.


8. Flying Dreams

fly like an eagle

Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are the kind of dream that most people love. It’s also one of the activities that lucid dreamers like to cultivate. The dream dictionaries say that flight represents your ambition. If you’re flying high and free in your dream then your inner mind is confident that you’ll achieve your goals. But if you are having trouble staying aloft, then maybe it’s trying to tell you to scale back a bit to something more reachable.




7. Dreams of Being Paralyzed

It can be pretty unpleasant to dream that you want to run, speak, yell, etc. but you can’t move at all. It’s also very common. Psychologists suggest that this could simply be because you can’t move your body when you’re asleep. Your dream self tries to tell your body to move, but the signal never reaches your arms, legs, etc. Another way to interpret this kind of dream is that you feel unable to get your opinions or feelings across, or that you want to run away from some situation, but you shouldn’t.


6. The Weak Punch Dream

weak punch

Dreams about weak punches

Have you ever had a dream where you are trying to hit someone or something, but your punch or strike has no power? This common dream type can be caused by some sort of conflict in your life – either with another person or something within yourself. The weak punch could be either from a lack of confidence in your ability to overcome the conflict, or from feelings of helplessness. Another theory is that you try to actually move your arm, but since you are asleep you can’t really put any force into it. This would make it similar to #7, paralysis.




5. Dreams About Your Partner Cheating

This common dream type is one that usually means pretty much what you’d expect. If you dream that your partner is cheating on you, it most likely means not that he or she acutally is cheating necessarily, but rather that you are consciously or sub-conscously worried that it might be so. Or just that you’re feeling slightly insecure about the relationship. If you dream that you are the one doing the cheating, then it could mean that you are unsatisfied in your current relationship, or maybe you just feel normal attractions to other people.


Dream of Being Naked

nude statue

Dreams of beng naked

Dreams about being naked seem to be very common in all cultures and for both men and women. Despite what you might think, the meaning isn’t usually sexual. Dream interpretation experts say that when you dream of being naked in a public place, it can be about feelings of guilt or fear of being exposed. Are you hiding something from those around you and worried they might find out? It could also indicate that you are feeling vulnerable, or uncomfortable about your physical appearance.

This dream dictionary can tell you more about the meaning of dreams of being naked.







3. Falling Dreams


Falling Dreams

First of all, if you dream of falling you won’t die if you hit the ground in your dream. That is just a myth. Falling symbolizes a loss of control over your situation, or just fear in general. Your mind could be telling you that you need to deal with your fears or regain control of some situation. To interpret the meaning of a falling dream, think about how far you fell (i.e. from how high up). The farther you fall in the dream, the bigger the situation or fear it refers to. The “fear” in a falling dream can often be about your fear of letting go and trying something new.

See more about what falling dreams mean according a popular online dream dictionary.




2. Dreams of Being Chased


Dreams of Being Chased

Most of us have had dreams at some point in which we are being chased by something seen or unseen. These are acommon type of “stress dream.” But what do they mean? They can be interpreted to mean that you are in some kind of situation from which you want to escape. In most cases, you’ll know what the situation is if you think about it. Psychologists say that your uncocious is telling you to stop avoiding the person, issue, or situation that is “chasing” you.

See the Dreamota dream dictionary for more about
the meaning of dreams about being chased



1. Dreams About Teeth


Dreams about teeth

According to the editors at, dreams about teeth are by far the most common that they get questions about. A lot of people, particularly women, dream about their teeth breaking and/or falling out. As a dream symbol, teeth usually represent things like strength or vitality (one’s “bite”) or else one’s self-confidence or appearance (your beautiful smile). Generally, psychologists say that when you dream about losing your teeth, it means you are sub-conciously worried about losing either your power or your good looks.

In some societies it is believed that if you dream about losing a tooth it predicts the death of a family member.
More about the meaning of dreams about teeth

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