Top 10 Richest Politicians

Politics is an art of managing and controlling the affairs of a society, state or a country. Politics has not only become one of the top professions but it can also become one of the most respected jobs too. There are many politicians in the world who have made their name in the history by doing really extra ordinary and awesome things for the progress and prosperity of their nation. Not only this these politicians have also gathered a great wealth in this but I need to mention that almost all of the successful politicians in the world had strong economic support at their back which made them so much popular and they were able to hold the presidential seats and govern the area. Today we have collected a list of some of the best renowned and the richest politicians in the world which enjoy great monopoly in the field they trade and the business they own. The list is based on the wealth of these top politicians for 2013.


Richest Politicians 2013


10. Silvio Berlusconi


Silvio Berlusconi - Richest Politician

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi is one of the most prominent leader and politician of Italy and is currently the member of the parliament. He is a really hard working person and is self-made who has earned his fame and position after loads of great struggles in life. This is due to utmost hard work he has done which has honored him to be the longest serving Prime Minister of Italy. With a total net worth of $7.8 Billion he comes to the 10 spot on our richest politicians list.

9. Serge Dassault


Serge Dassault - Richest Politician

Serge Dassault

This rich and wealthy French politician is currently the senator of the assembly of France. Serge Dassault is a really kind hearted person and even after securing this top position he still contributes a lot towards the most deadly disease named pediatric cancer at which he focused a lot and took steps to cure. He is 9th with $8 Billion richest politician.


8. Zong Qinghou

Zong Qinghou - Richest Politician

Zong Qinghou

Zong Qinghou is one of the greatest tycoons in China and he is considered to be listed in the richest Chinese people with a total worth of $10.6 Billion. He had some of the personal business which he owns and he has done some good partnerships too. Apart from his business activities this wealthy and richest politician is the member of National People Council too.

7. Savitri Jindal


Savitri Jindal - Richest Politician

Savitri Jindal

Being one of the most influential ladies of India and also one of top politician of India too, she enjoys a total net worth of $13.2 Billion. The Savitri Jindal is also the active member of Legislative Assembly of Haryana. She enjoys good health even after being of such an age.

6. Viladimir Putin


Viladimir Putin - Richest Politician

Viladimir Putin

Viladimir Putin is not only the richest but he is also the most popular politician in the country – Russia he belongs to. This great politician has the grand honor of serving his nation as a President first and then Prime Minister of Russia for long. His total net worth is about $18.4 Billion which makes him stand in the list of Richest Politicians.

5. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan


Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Richest Politician

Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is another most influential personality of United Arab Emirates. He is another great politician who belongs to Abu Dhabi known as President or Amir which he is most famously known for. His total worth is just $19 Billion. The major source of wealth of this Khalifa is the precious oil wells he owns.

4. Sonia Gandhi


Sonia Gandhi - Richest Politician

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi is the lady politician and the leader of Indian National Congress and is the most famous Indian politician of India. She is equally popular among people of all castes and creeds and she has millions of fans and lovers who have trusted and believe in her yet this is the reason she has a total worth of about $19.5 Billion and has the honor to be the first ever richest female politician in the world.

3. Michael Bloomberg


Michael Bloomberg - Richest Politician

Michael Bloomberg

The most gorgeous mayor of the New York City of the USA is another top rated politician who has proved himself. Michael Bloomberg a young master degree holder in Business Administration from Harvard University has a total wealth of $19.8 Billion. He is the proud owner of an information and financial news company too.

2. Hassan Al Bolkiah


Hassan Al Bolkiah - Richest Politician

Hassan Al Bolkiah

Hassan Al Bolkiah is a Sultan which he is mostly known as in his region. Being the 2ndrichest politician Hassan enjoys a very cool and luxurious living style. He is the owner of $20 Billion wealth and the exotic areas and landscaping at his living arena speaks of his wealth indeed. We can say that he is indeed one of the richest Arab too at the moment after King Abdul Aziz.

1. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz

Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz - Richest Politician

Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz

Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz is the most respectable and the most famous King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is highly respected politician in the Muslim and the Non-Muslim world. Due to his utmost kind heartedness and humbleness he is really popular king among people from all over the world. He is the World’s Richest Politician in 2013 as his wealth booms up to a grand $21 Billion in total where his oil reserves play a major role in building up his wealth to this stage.

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6 Responses to “Top 10 Richest Politicians”

  1. Chuka Udeze says:

    Nice list, is Sonia Gandhi the grand daughter of the popular Gandhi? I never knew Putin is that wealthy

    • waqar khan says:

      Sonia Gandhi is Italian Borne widow of Rajiv Gandhi who was not the grand son of Gandhi but of Jawahar Lal Nahru.Nehru named his children in Gandhi’s Name,that is trickery of Nehru Family.

    • Wanderer says:

      She is NOT AT ALL CONNECTED to Mohandas Gandhi who led the freedom struggle.

      Gandhi’s a pretty common surname in certain parts of the country.

      That said, Sonia is an Italian and not Indian to begin with. She is the widow of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi’s son and Nehru’s grandson.

      She has led the loot of the nation as the head of the Indian National Congress party that has slavishly elected her as head so they can get poor and illiterate people to vote on the basis of the Gandhi surname.

      She has NO Legitimate businesses or investments and neither does her family but they have managed to amass all this wealth. Not a new story eh, just different location.

  2. yousuf says:

    sonia is wife of Ex-pm Rajiv gandhi

  3. Amjed Ibne Khaliq says:

    Wealth, is something that we cannot take with us, having said that?, why is the royal family of saud, the richest?, this oil which has been divided between the 7000+ royal household princes and princesses of the house of ‘Saud’ belongs to every arab in arabia, does it not?.

    Is there royalty in islam?, is it fair?, does the house of Saud actually spend this money well enough?.

    What have they achieved?, this answer can only be truly answered by the creator alone, since he knows best.

    l’m currently writing a book on the subject of World perception of wealth, that should belong to everyone, yet is controlled by a few.

  4. 8India says:

    Nice to know that 2 Indians are in Top 10 Richest Politicians list Jindals have created there wealth doing business but how Sonia Gandhi created it?

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