Top 10 Hit Bollywood Songs June 2012

Bollywood songs have been getting better and better with the evolution of more and more good Indian Movies. There are a number of great hindi movies like Rowdy Rahthore and Cocktail which does have given the industry and people some really cool music and awesome performing item songs . India has a lot of entertainment for their people and people around the world. There are dozens of very much popular hit songs of Bollywood listened every where. Here is the list of the Top 10 Best and Most Hit Hindi Songs for the month of June 2012, which caught the attention of social media as well as people. We can say that these songs made a place in the hearts of the people. The below listed best hindi songs include dance performing as well as sad songs also romantic yet best and most popular hindi songs  and are compiled on the basis of their popularity among the various people.

Most Popular and Hit Hindi Songs June 2012

Most Popular and Hit Hindi Songs June 2012

We do hope that you will love to listen , watch and download these cool and hit Bollywood songs for June 2012.

 10. Aa Ante Amalapuram

Download Aa Ante Amalapuram Hindi Song here .


9. Pani Da Rang



Download Pani da Rang Hindi Song here .

8. Jiya Tu Bihar Ke Lala


Download Jiya Tu Bikhar Ke LaLa Hindi Song here .

7. Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita



Download  Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita Hindi Song here .

6. Aa RePritam Pyaare



Download  Aa RePritam Pyaare Hindi Song here .

5. Dhadang Dhang



Download  Dhadang Dhang Hindi Song here .

4. Daru Desi



Download  Daru Desi Hindi Song here .

3. Humse Pyaar Karle Tu



Download  Humse Pyaar Karle Tu Hindi Song here .

2. Mukhtasar



Download Mukhtasar Hindi Song here .

1. Tum Hi Ho Bandhu



Download Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Hindi Song here .

Well Friends , this was our list for the month of June , let us know what should have been the order or if we havent added any song. Do add it below in the comment and we will have a look at it.:)

Looking Forward keenly for your comments on this.


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