Top 10 Halloween Facts

Halloween is just coming and it is widely spread not only in America but all over the world. Halloween is celebrated on October 31, 2012 and it is considered to be the second biggest event Americans celebrate in the year. The origin of Halloween is not more than an Autumn Harvest Festival in the old times but now it has became such a huge and memorable event for all and a lot of ghost stories are being associated with it to make this day a BIG Fun. A lot of other things are associated with Halloween like Halloween Costumes, candies and much more. According to a recent survey it has been observed that only Americans spend more than $6 Billion on celebrating this great event. For this great event of fun and enjoyment we have collected some Fun Facts about Halloween which probably you might not know and i think you should have a look at this Halloween.

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Halloween Facts

10. Pumpkins


Pumpkins have a lovely history with Halloween. Actually they were found by Irish people when they came to America and its origin is said to be of more than 5,000 years ago. Actually the reason they became popular in this great even is that Irish immigrants thought that pumpkins are easy to carve rather than potatoes to celebrate Halloween. Pumpkins can be white, orange or black depending on the theme of parties.


9. Jack-’o-Lantern


Jack-o-Lantern history is about some hundred years ago . The story goes like this that once a man named Jack invited devil to a party, now Jack did not wanted to pay for the drinks so he had a deal with the devil and devil turned himself in coins. But instead of paying the coins , jack acted clever and didn’t payed for them and ran away. The devil then gave him a piece of coal which he used to keep in his turnip. Jack o Lantern is carved of potatoes and turnips colored.


8. The Irish


Halloween is celebrated in different countries worldwide as a symbol of fun and enjoyment and to have a night with ghosts and evil spirits. But there are some people who believe Halloween as a religious ritual and dress in different beautiful costumes and light bonfires to welcome the ghosts. Some Irish people also believe that on Halloween night there is no difference between live and dead and all become equal ghosts and spirits.


7. Parties


As mentioned earlier that Halloween is an event which started for celebrating their autumn harvest. But it has now evolved to be more than that. Parties are held everywhere where ghost stories are shared, people dance , sing and tell folk stories of fortune and mischief. We can say that Halloween has now become a lot more than boobing apples or sharing candies only , it indeed has become one of the most popular and memorable party event.


6. Candy corn


As we all know that candy is a symbol for the happy Halloween stuff so is this candy corn which is harvested and more than 35 Million pounds of candy corn is produced everywhere. People use these candy corns to get candies out of them to enjoy the Halloween night with their friends and families.


5. Ghosts


There are dozens of Ghosts stories but the stories get their huge strength near and in the Halloween event. Actually many people say that the ghosts and spirits of the dead keep alive and they often come to visit the relatives and friends to keep an eye on them. So it is believed that Ghosts and evil spirits come in the Halloween night to have fun and make people afraid of them.


4. Costumes


Costumes of Halloween are also the most popular stuff people do on this night. The costumes wore earlier were not that creepy as they are today. People wear bizarre and weird costumes to celebrate their night. The Costumes of today includes costumes of super heroes to villains and to prince and princess. The costumes also come up with the parts of furry animals and other funny looking odd things.


3. Witches


In old days witches were called some old wise ladies in the town. But native Americans have had a lot of superstitions like Friday 13 and a lot more. These superstitions also gave birth to a new one and they invented this witch to be some kind of superficial and magical woman who spells magic and create trouble for people around. So somehow this concept grew more and more and now we have witches like really frowning creatures over the earth who can hurt badly.


2. Trick-or-Treat


Trick or Treat is another great thing done at the special event in USA especially. Well the thing is that children mostly go from door to door to ask for money or coins to fill their Halloween baskets. The people will give them items or treats to make their baskets happy. But oh no this is not that simple… In order to get the coins or a treat the children need to show off a trick, sing a song or dance to make a happy night.


1. Candy


Candy is the most famous of all of Halloween items and it is said that every third candy sold in United States of America is solely for used in Halloween. Americans and other people all over the world buy candies and gift to their beloved ones and eat themselves and enjoy. Halloween can be known for candy and especially chocolate candies and people have a great craze of chocolates. So you must be surprised to know that how much popular the candy is at the event that the item which is aggressively sold a lot is Candy.


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