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We are nearing the year end and a lot of critics were expecting some songs, which have stayed top of the charts for major part of the year, to drop out of the top 10 list of of the songs in November. Well, they’ve gotten their wish. Nearly all the songs in my last post about top 10 songs in July have been replaced with new songs.

The month of November sees singers like Adele and Taylor Swift back on top 10 lists. Adele’s Skyfall has been critically acclaimed and with the new Bond movie just released, Adele’s Skyfall propelled the song into the top 10 lists. Taylor Swift recently released her new album and therefore she has also entered top 1- songs list. Taylor Swift has a huge fan base and it was expected that she would easily come into top 10 songs list.

Flo Rida, whose song “Whistle” was a worldwide sensation, sees another of his songs, “I Cry” enter in the list of the top 10 songs in November. PSY’s Gangnam Style has been a viral hit. It is everywhere on the charts and the most popular song on the planet right now. The band Fun also sees their song “Some Nights” in the list of the top 10 songs in November.

Meanwhile Rihanna released her new song “Diamonds” and unsurprisingly, it is also in the top 10 songs list of November. Another female artist, Keisha, is also in the top 10 list with her song “Die Young”. Aex Clare’s song, “Too Close” has slowly climbed the charts and has entered the list of the top 10 songs in November. Bruno Mars brand new song, “Locked Out of Heaven” has also entered the lsit of the top 10 songs in November.


Here is the list of the top 10 best songs in November, 2012:


10. Some Nights by Fun.





9. Too Close by Alex Clare





8. One More Night by Maroon 5





7. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift





6. Die Young by Keisha





5. Locked Out Of Heaven By Bruno Mars





4. I Cry by Flo Rida





3. Skyfall by Adele (James Bond theme)





2. Diamonds by Rihanna





1. Gangnam Style by PSY







This was the list of the top 10 Best Songs in November 2012. Did you like it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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