Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Songs

Justin Bieber is one of the most popular teen Canadian singer. The lovely pop music of Justin Bieber has made him a big time hit. He shot to fame so quickly and in such a young age of only 18 he has passed back most of the established singers. Many people tried to express their doubts bout Justin talent but Justin Bieber proved all of them wrong by his hit series. He has got the double platinum status and is the only youngest artist to make his place in the Hot Billboard 100 Songs. He has won a lot of awards from his singing career and is a big sensational figure at the stage. Girls do have a load of crush on this sexy teenage guy.The awesome and wonderful style of Justin Bieber has not even get him fame in youngsters but he has now become equally popular among boys and girls of all age. He can said to be the best singer of all his fellow musicians. As he has done a good and lovely job to gather millions of fans world wide.

Justin Bieber is having a big time now by his recently launched new video song “Baby”. The song is so popular that in no time it got more than 688 Million views till now which is the part of great success Justin holds at the moment. The unreal dance moves and sensational singing style has made him the best celebrity ever. We have collected the list of Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Songs which you may love to listen and watch their videos.


Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Songs

Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Songs


10. Pray


Pray is one his best songs in which Justin Bieber reminded in a really lovely manner to remember the poor and to try to create a change altogether and fight for hunger, sickness and homeless people and to help them live a great life too. Bieber has done a good work by his catchy music and cuteness to convey his message to the world by this Song “Pray”.

9. U Smile


U smile is another lovely song from Bieber and according to that sizzling and sensational 18 years old guy – When you smile, The Biebes Smile- would make the huge audience of his fans to have singing smiling faces at him. After all he has been able to grab such a huge girls fan following. We can except a lot from girls from this song.

8. Eenie Meenie


Eenie Meenie was a collaborative wonderful effort of Justin Bieber with Sean Kingston and it was such a great song with awesome music that it did great in top level charts and reached in Top 20 Best Songs in US and Canada. Both of the singers were really happy to perform with each other and to induce a lovely act at the stage.

7. Love Me


Love Me is also a solo song by Justin Bieber and the lyrics of the music are wonderful. The song got huge hit by the live yet amazing performance. According to Bieber the song is the tribute to all the fans world wide and he is thanking all of his followers and lovers to make him such a big hit.

6. Mistletoe


Millions of the Justin Bieber followers who are girls will surely love to see him singing “Mistletoe”. The opportunity to imagine the scene they dream always may come true at the stage in real life. So wherever Mistletoe is getting to be performed we see the huge and emotional amount of girls out there in the concert.

5. One Less Lonely Girl


One Less Lonely girl is indeed one of the favorite Biebes song but that song seems a huge lie too. Girls are gonna die after Justin Bieber while in the song the lyrics say ” If you let me inside your World, there will be One less lonely Girl”. Who unfortunate girl gonna miss him. I think Bieber is getting really naughty to tease his girl audience which his followers love this cutie a lot.

4. One Time


The great hit song by the little kiddy. One Time Holds many records and is really popular too. The song has made a lot of space for us for Justin Bieber and the lovely style of him introducing himself is worth watching. He surely be our most beloved guy and he is our only crush. Isnt it.!!!

3. Somebody to Love


The Awesome performance by Bieber hits the screens now. The song ” Somebody to Love” is one that is the most sensational number by him. I am sure you will start dancing your ass off while watching the music video of the song and your feet won’t stop moving. The song has been featured many times and is really hit one.

2. Never Say Never


The best thing i like about this great singer is that apart from getting millions of fans and love from all parts of the world, he still is really humble and is not at all rude. The Never Say Never is the song which tells the story of this teen celebrity that how he is raised by single mom and his lovely and nice attitude has made him so much popular in the hearts of the people.

1. Baby


The ever best song which i think bieber has any time did is this “Baby” number. I love the way he sings the songs. Really attractive and heart beating performances by him. The song is really so much popular and is a hip hop hit music song that in no time it got more than 688 Million Views of the Music video of Baby at Youtube , from which you can imagine the popularity of the Lovely singer and his great performing song too. Apart from the screaming girls in his show, the song by Justin bieber has hit the charts and grabbed lot of Top Positions in many countries including USA. He got the platinum status by his only song and more than double from United States.

Justin you are really our voice. We love you , You love Us. You rock and we will love you and keep loving you by supporting you the same way. Best of Luck for you future projects and songs.



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