Top 10 Best iPhone Apps to Make Free Calls

┬áiPhone by Apple is indeed a great smartphone of the modern era. iPhone offers you a wide variety of things and tasks to perform and make your iPhone a comfortable device for you.With the advancement of technology and the evolution of the new tech Era., that’s why iPhone is also not behind the game of technology ever and because of this people have an addiction to apple products especially iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Many smartphones including android devices of Samsung and Google now offers millions of free applications for cell phones. WiFi Technology has been in circles from some last decades and now you can connect and contact your loved ones any time and anyways you want. The most wonderful and amazing thing is that Now you can call your relatives , friends , and your girl friend absolutely free if you do own an iPhone with best iPhone Apps available all the way.
iPhone Apps to Make Free Calls
Here is the list of the Top 10 Best iPhone Applications to Make Free Calls. Lets check and see which app to use.!

10. TruPhone


TruPhone_Top 10 iPhone Apps to Make Free Calls










Truphone is a VOIP service which allows its users to call free from iPhone and Blackberry sets. They offer cheap call rates to any mobile operator but two Truephone users can call each other absolutely free. It is a bit limited in the sense that it operates only on high models. But after all the service they gives is amazing . It offers a global network of people to be together at a low cost.

9. Vopium

Vopium_Top 10 best iPhone Apps to Make Free Calls


Vopium is also a great app for iPhone users and provides a seamless and cool service for local and international calls.It does not depend much on a specific network or 3G or WiFi. Vopium allows you to call at a really low international calls and absolutely free local calls. but a little problem is that vopium is limited to only some countries like US , canada etc.

8. Talkatone




Talkatone is great in itself in the way that it manages to merge all the three top and best VOIP facilities available till yet. You may have heard and experienced Gtalk , IM and Facebook video chat. You can easily call if you do have a Gmail account . It offers superior call quality with noise reduction feature allows you the most realistic app.

7. MajicJack




Majicjack is superb must use application for your iPhone if you are living in Canada or USA. With the help of majicjack you can make calls through WiFi and it is considered to be the cheapest way to keep in contact with your peers in real time.

6. Vonage Mobile



Vonage Mobile


Vonage Mobile app is another US based company which offers the best and cheapest ever international and local call rates.The service currently works for iPhone and blackberry too . Its really fun when you can even call free internationally to come countries and in US free.So if you and your friends are vonage mobile subscribers it must be a really good app for your phone.


5. Freephoo




Freephoo is another app for iPhone for making cheap call rates like others and free calls to two Freephoo app users but the best thing about Freephoo is that you can call and talk on your phone with your Facebook and Linked Inn Friends and enjoy the mobility provided by Freephoo.

4. Fring




Fring differs from other apps in making free calls in the way that it provides its users with the facility of group chats and video conferencing features but the problem with this awesome app is that its call quality is a bit poor and sometimes there are distortions or scratchy while talking.

3. Skype




Skype is after all the best with a huge fan followers list on the way because of its superb and cool call quality and great features keeping the concerns of its users a primary importance , Skype is on top 10 best apps for iPhone in 2012. Except for the iPhone it also works on majority of android devices now most popular these days.

2. Viber




The best and emerging latest app for making free calls on your iPhone is Viber.The app lets you call free to your Viber Friends , send them a text message or tag them a picture or video and enjoy the best user experience ever. Smart Viber has more than 1.2 million lovely users while having a free call to your loved ones.

1. iCall


iCall_top 10 Best iPhone apps to make free calls


iCall has yet the best features combined within it and it provides you the option to call any US or Canadian phone number at your ease where or whatever you are. iCall has more than 4 million users by which you can easily call anyone in the home country without any signals or network provider. Its the best free iPhone and iPod app and have won the hearts of lot of users with its cool work. You can call worldwide from this app.
These are the top 10 best iPhone Apps to make free calls world wide at all times and have been the most popular and exteremly great with their advanced calling features and making free calls have been made easy with them.
Let us know if you liked these iPhone apps for free call making.

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