Top 10 Best Android Phones

Mobile Phones have become a basic need for people and when it comes to Phones , undoubtedly android has taken up the mobiles industry and has become one of the leading name in Smart Phones. The craze of mobiles have increased these days and the use of technology has made this device more than a comfort now. Android Phones offer great compatibility , millions of Free Market Apps and sensitive yet extremely beautiful smart phones in today world. There have been hundreds of Android Phones to Buy from the Market but here we will only discuss the Top 10 Best Android Mobile Phones to Buy in 2012. The list is compiled keeping in mind the great features, socializing power and surfing of these android devices which have gained popularity and are worth buying this year.


10.LG Optimus 3D P920














LG Optimus 3D is a wonderful android based phone with 1 Ghz dual core Cortex A-9 processor. The phone comes in with internal and extendable external memory. the internal memory of the phone is 8Gb and is extendable to 32 GB. The best android phone has lovely 4.3 inches capacitive touch screen with a 5MP exclusive Camera with LED to enjoy superior quality of photographing with this android phone. It is just adorable and worth buying android device for this year.

9. HTC Sensation XL


Top 10 Best Android Phones

HTC Sensation XL












HTC Sensation XL is 4.7 Capacitive touch screen android phone with Operating System Android 2.3 but is upgradable to Android 4. It has 1.5 Ghz Processor and a 750MB RAM also in it. The phone has a total of 16GB internal memory with dual camera feature. The rear camera is 8MP and front camera is 1.3MP allowing you the best and optimum experience on HTC. The Audio Beat system is also one of the amazing feature of this android phone which makes it worth to buy.

8. HTC Sensation XE


Top 10 Best Andriod Phones

HTC Senstation XE












Like HTC Senstation XL, the Sensation XE is also a fully functional and best featured mobile phone you can buy. The best smartphone is android based but you are capable of upgrading to Ice cream sandwich OS.It has approximately the same features of the prior one. A little design change and the new model is launched. It is also 1.5Ghz processor mobile with dual cameras.


7. Sony Xperia S


Sony Xperia S _ Top 10 Best Android Phones

Sony Xperia S














The specially designed Sony Xperia S also contains a lot good features and can be called a great Android phone. The Xeria comes up with a powerful dual core 1.5GHz processor for fast speed apps and things to do for professionals. The most outstanding feature of the smart phone of sony is the great 12MP camera which can make your moments special at any party time. Some of other features include 3D sweep Panaroma, Video chatting and geo tagging.

6. Motorola Razr XT910


Motorola Razor_Top 10 Best Phones

Motorola Razor













Motorola Razor XT910 may look outdated in its design and looks but its not that a bad choice ever.It is a classy yet durable smart android phone you can buy.It has dual core processor of 1.2 Ghz and dual camera too. Its other features include Micro sim Card support , splash resistant and active noise cancellation feature. It is a rugged type of smartphone and i recommend you all.

5. Lava Xolo X900

Lava Xolo X909_Top 10 best Android Phones

Lava Xolo X909














Lava Xolo is a new phone based on Intel Processors and got huge demand and popularity on its launch. It has 4″ capacitive touch screen and its operating system is Gingerbread. Old one na. Oh yeah but it can be upgraded to android OS. It has 1.4 Ghz Processor too.The reason for it being in the best android phones is its capability of running all android apps and extreme popularity. It comes with the Gorilla Glass Coating.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note















Again , Samsung the galaxy note is also android based smarty. It is a thin cell phone but its gigantic body and looks of this huge capacitive touch screen of 5.3″ has increased its demand to watch movies and play games while surfing the web on a huge screen which makes the phone a must one to buy. The smart phone is said to remain in the top lists because of 1.4Ghz processor and dual great cameras yet all the features any phone can offer.

3. Samsung Galaxy S II


Samsung Galaxy S-II

Samsung Galaxy S-II














Samsung Galaxy SII is a unique phone offered by the company after the successful laucnh of Samsung Galaxy SI , the phone has dual camera . The rear camera is 8MP and front camera is 2 MP.Samsung has become the status symbol of android now and this great phone also has the same OS. The 1.2 Ghz Processor of the smart phone and its long life time battery timings has made this popular among lot.

2. HTC One X


HTC One X Trio 2

HTC One X Trio 2















HTC One X trio 2 is also a great android phone and a better inception and creational ideas of the company has lead it to be on the 2nd spot.HTC one X comes with 4.7″ screen with capacitive LCD and a same two cameras the rear one is 8Mp and the secondary camera is1.3 MP. The Phone comes loaded with Ice cream sandwich. The most catchy thing of HTC one X is that it has a quad core 1.5 GHZ processor to run your device smooth and fast for all the apps.

1. Samsung Galaxy SIII


Samsung Galaxy SIII 9300i

Samsung Galaxy SIII 9300i













Samsung Galaxy SIII tops our list of the Top 10 Best android Phones. This great and amazing mobile phone(Smart phone ) has really gorgeous looks and awesome features which makes it the best of all androids in the market. It has the Jelly bean Operating System also known as Android 4.1.The phone has a huge screen of 4.8″ which do tops all the mobile too.An 8MP primary camera and VGA camera on the front with some cool new features likes geo tagging , image stabilization, touch focus, HD video recording and face and smile detection features makes this the phone you must never miss out. The phone with extremely so many features is not bulky at all but i can say it as the thinnest smart phone ever created.

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