Top 10 Best Android Browsers

Android Mobile phones are not only the top operating system now available in the market but they also have become one of the most popular OS of all the new smart phones and mobiles. Apart from just talking to your friends and family with your phone there are limitless things you can do with your phone especially with android devices. Internet has also become the basic necessity of people all over the world and many people look out for Android Browsers and people love to remain connected with the world each and every second with the device which is in their pockets.  To avail the facility of internet in your mobile you must use one of the top internet android mobile browsers to stay connected. Let’s have a look at the best Android Browsers in the market which you can download and use to connect.


Best Android Browsers


10. xScope


xScope - Best Android Browsers


xScope is a high speed and a really stable internet browser for android. The browser is available in Google Play for download. Apart from providing the best stability and high speed loading of websites this is very much popular among business class of people. The browser also comes with some good built in themes and amazing bookmark manager which helps in retaining your favorite websites while browsing.

9. ICS Browser+


ICS browser+  - Best Android Browsers

ICS browser+

Another high performance android browser is this ICS Browser + which is the latest version of ICS. This browser comes built in with many Android Ice Cream powered Sandwich devices. It is one of the simplest browser using by Android users and you do not need any special settings to get started with. You can also easily download it for your device from internet.

8. Maxthon


Maxthon Best Android Browsers


Parents are really worried about their children and kids online presence and to make sure that the internet is a safe and secure gateway for them, you must choose Maxthon for your phone. This browser was launched keeping in mind the mindset of children and to make sure that your kids or children only browse things which are good and informative for them and not to ruin them

7. Ninesky


Ninesky Browser - Best Android Browsers

Ninesky Browser

Ninesky browser is a lot similar to Google Chrome in looks but this browser has different features. With its ultra-fast speed and great user friendly interface it is popular among many people. This android browser also support flash and the great form of detection of security certificates prevent your android mobile phone to get virus in any case.


6. OverSkreen


Overskreen Browser - Best Android Browsers

Overskreen Browser

With such a great advancement in the android technology the OverSkreen browser gives a really realistic feature for your mobile phone. The smart browser allows you to overlay it over your running android apps and can create and open multiple windows of such type. The internet windows can be minimized and closed and reopened as per your wish. It is a really reliable and great browser indeed.

5. Boat


Boat Browser - Best Android Browsers

Boat Browser

Boat browser has some unique features to offer for your smartphone. The best thing I like about this android browser is that you can request to open a web page in its desktop version and it is really responsive even in that case. The address toolbar is located at the bottom of the browser and it can hold about hundred important bookmarks.

4. Firefox


Mozilla Firefox - Best Android Browsers

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the most widely used internet browser on Desktop and PC’s. The coolest and amazing feature I love about using Mozilla Firefox is the Firefox Sync Integration feature. It works like this that for example you write an email on your android phone but you can send it with your tablet any time. It is also popular because of its blazing fast speeds.

3. Google Chrome


Google Chrome - Best Android Browsers

Google Chrome

Google chrome is an internet browser by Google. Even a lot of hype has been created about this browser and it has of course proved to be a smooth and fast loading one but a big drawback is that it does not support flash player. You can only open and view the mobile version of any website.

2. Opera Mobile


Opera Mobile - Best Android Browsers

Opera Mobile

Opera is not only the most popular internet browser of android mobile phones but it is highly popular among all kinds of mobile devices. Opera uses a really advanced mechanism for loading web pages with high speed as it uses the compression form for loading data which increase speed to great extent also known as opera turbo. Opera also open flash websites easily.

1. Dolphin


Dolphin Browser - Best Android Browsers

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin ranks top on the list of Best Android Browsers as it combines all the best features of all the browsers available. It provides a smooth and streamlined scrolling which none of the browser is able to provide. The websites are loaded at high speeds and the awesome plugins of this browser are just a way ahead for all the professional internet users.

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    Never heard about Ninesky browser, will try it on my HTC One, Also first time was a list of the top 10 where dolphin browser is on #1, normally Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox are on #1. Nice research.

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