Top 10 Best Ways to Impress the Girls

A lot of men find it really hard to impress girls but some of them do find ways. Most of the time it happens that you build up the courage to go and talk to her, but you always find it really hard and end up with shaking in your legs, a dumb look on your face, and speechless. As we all know, Valentine’s day is not too far away, and many guys may be trying to find the perfect match. If you fall into this group, then I think you should read these Top 10 ways to impress girls in order to attract one (or more) of them for that special and lovely day. Many of the steps written here hvae beene tried and yielded good results in getting a so called hard-to-get girls. So guys, come on lets see those ways which can help you change your life.


Top 10 Best Ways to Impress the Girls

Top 10 Best Ways to Impress the Girls

10. Look Directly in her Eyes

This is one of the important point for making her feel good and will eventually impress her. Look directly in her eyes while talking and give her a gesture that you are really engaged and interested to whatever she is talking. Watching out her other body parts may feel her uncomfortable and offended and thus she may think of you as a cheap guy.

9. Groom Yourself Well

Grooming is an integral part of men’s personality. So when going to a girl groom yourself properly and make sure your not looking awful. Try to be a decent guy and shave well, put on some good clothes and a remarkable and good smelling perfume or scent to make things a lot better and easier. Have your hair cut with cool hairstyle and put on some branded hair gel or shiner to look handsome.

8. Be a man Enough

Girls love men who are courteous to them and they are really impressed when you formally offer them a seat or help her with a coat or something. These may feel a little awkward but i have heard and experienced many girls love that traditional sayings and she feel secure and happy to find the inside love for her in your heart and will accept you as a life partner.

7. Mingle with her girl – friends

If you  are at a party and you see that your perfect girl you want to impress is with a dozens of her other friends then it is also a great chance for it. you can start mingling with her female friends and feel her how much important everything around her is to you. Apart from having fun with her and her girl friends do take care that your behavior may not offend her or any of her friends in any case.

6. Avoid disturbances

A woman needs focus and attention of the guy she is dating with, so answering a call or doing a text message during your date might let her feel that you are ignoring her or may be someone else is more important than her which is not a good thing. To impress the girl you must make her realize that you love her the most and she is the most important person in his life at that moment.

5. Ask her inoffensive questions

While in date it is not right that you keep on talking and not let her speak anything. This is not good as she will feel bored. Give her time to talk and speak and listen to her attentively. If you feel that she is feeling shy or doesn’t speak for herself you can indulge her in the conversation by asking her likes etc. This will make her feel good that you are interested in her likes and dislikes and will easily fall in for you.

4. Open doors for her

Respect can win everything, so try to give your girl the optimal respect she desires. In this way she will get impressed by you and as a gentleman you should try to open doors for her whichever come in. For example, when you go for a date somewhere and park the car in the lot. go out first and open her door and welcome in this way will make her really feel good. Thus you can easily impress the girls you want.

3. Compliment her looks


Girls are really conscious for their dress, looks and clothing so they need to get admired. So give her the proper attention, compliments  as and when required like you can say that “You are looking really gorgeous” or whatever you feel better. All these compliments from you will help you impress her easily.

2. Ask hre for advice

Asking a piece of advice form the girl about anything related to your date talk will help you make a place in her heart and she will really be impressed because she know that how much important she is to you. And whenever a guy gives an importance to any female, she feels secured and recognized which helps in getting closer to your goal which is to impress the girls.

1. Be Positive

Be positive with her and always be clear and sound to make sure that the girl you are trying to vow get easily caught in that. Tell them your positive sides and let them feel that you are the only best guy for her in town. Also do whatever you have showed or told her about yourself so she knows that you actually are a decent one and are true to your saying, in this case she will unresistingly fall in for you automatically and thus your goal is complete and you are going to be in relationship soon. Happy Binding with your girl and enjoy at this valentine with her.

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