Top 10 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung is getting on the Top in the past few years and have introduced great mobile phones in the latest times. When it comes to smart phones no mobile company is able to compete with the Samsung. Due to the quality of there mobile phones the popularity and demand of Samsung mobiles have increased greatly. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy series some months ago and they did very well in the market. Now Samsung did introduced the Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 which was waited for long and is a predecessor of Samsung Galaxy S II. The beautiful looking Galaxy S3 is and android phone using the ice cream sandwich operating system just launched and proved great for the company as it drove many people to buy and attracted a lot of users with its Quad core processor with 8MP camera and 4.8 inches screen.

Samsung Galaxy S III comes with some very new features which makes it very unique for the buyers and we have gathered these top 10 best and amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII

10. S Voice Personal Assistance

S Voice Personal Assistant is like the Siri application already in Samsung phones but this one is in itself a wonderful one and is more able to understand more languages than Siri app. You can’t just call or send message to any of your friend but you also can easily make your phone to take a picture of anything to ask it to take a video or open any thing you can do with your galaxy S3.The S Voice Personal Assistance can be operated with saluting the mobile phone and it will launch.


 9. Smart Stay Eye Tracking 

Smart stay eye tracking is a wonderful application and a newest feature introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. What it do is that it keeps intact with the human eye and constantly keep checking that if the user is watching the screen it keeps the display on and as soon as the interaction ends , the display gets off and dim. Its really worth joying and a piece of excellent work by Samsung developers.



 8. Missed Events Alerts

If you are away and you have forgotten your Samsung s3 at home , then you may not worry about the thing that you will not know any important happening or event in the meantime.. Many of us may think that the functionality is already available in many phones. Oh yes ! it is but other phones ring , give a beep or something like that. This smart events alert starts vibrating when you touch the phone to indicate and notify you that you are going or have missed any event.


 7. Split Screens for Applications

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 offers its users to have a lot of split screens making it easier to play and work at the same time. The split screen will make smaller windows of apps you may have opened in the phone and you don’t need to minimize the applications to start any other applications. Hence you can chat , play and work on the same home screen of your mobile .


 6. Bigger Screen Size

The major change in the new phone is the bigger one and 4.8 inches wide screen with capacitive special Samsung touch but amazingly the galaxy s3 wight has not much increased . the weight still is 133 grams but it is somehow a little fatter than galaxy S II but we may not say it as that. Its a sleek looking mobile.


5. Curvy Design

Another notable change the Samsung puts in effort in this i9300 mobile is the elegant design of this mobile. Except that the other phones are in somewhat known older shape this mobile has come with a unique and curvy design for easy handling and a perfect device too.


 4. Micro Sim Slot

This mobile phone comes with an additional option of micro Sim slot apart from Micro SD card pot.


3. Speedy Camera 

The speedy camera of this new mobile is also amazingly wonderful. By its awesome camera you can now take 3.3 pictures in a single second. It works on the principle of video and it acts and respond really fast making your moments last longer to remember .



2. Hyper glaze Technology 

The Hyper glaze technology which is solely created by the Samsung developers is a protective layer for the cover of your Samsung galaxy S III i9300 model . The plastic looking cover is really nice and very resistive to severe conditions.


1. Self Deciding Camera

The Self deciding camera technology in the galaxy S 3 is unmatchable feature , by which the camera takes the best and cutest looking picture of you . That is fantastic when you have to get hundreds of snaps and then decide a picture for yourself but this camera decide for itself and gets the best portrait image of yours on its huge screen.

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    The first Samsung Galaxy phone released in June 2009 was Samsung i7500 that used the open source Android operating system for the first time. Once Samsung has set the ball rolling, there was no looking back and they took the Galaxy legacy further adding more members to this family. Samsung Galaxy S was another hit and garnered much attention from customers. Galaxy S received many rave reviews from Indian users; some appreciated its operating system, while others spoke good words for its perfect audio quality. The Super AMOLED display pushed this phone in the list of top 10 gadgets of 2010. Following its overwhelming reception, the brand has launched other variants of Galaxy S like Epic 4G, Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate and Mesmerize. `

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