Top 10 Things You Should Not Say To A Girl

Girls are really unpredictable at times and it may make you or your relationship a question mark with her. We may have seen lots of articles on how to impress girls and what to say to girls to make them happy but have you ever wondered that what not to say to a girl to avoid any inflictions with your girl.  Its also a great art to handle a girl in a situation she gets terrible. So you need to be a bit peculiar and sensible while talking to a girl.If you do have a girl in your life , try to understand her and her state of mind , what she wants and expects from you and what not. Lets have a look at the below Top 10 things you should never say to a girl . Do check out the things you should avoid to remain happy with your girl.

Top 10 Things Not to say to a Girl

Top 10 Things Not to say to a Girl

10. Don’t Say Something About Her Guy Friends

The first thing is that girls do have a lot of male friends with a huge circle as we see many girls nowadays. Girls Feel really awkward , bad an insecure when you try to investigate her of her guy friends. Never keep asking and discussing with her the talk about the guys. Girls hate it when you inquire these kinds of things. You should not worry about them and should play a good game with the girl so that she keeps them restricted only to Friends and be yours.


9. I’ ll Call you on Friday

The second important thing is that don’t always end the phone call by saying that you yourself will call on some random day , if she feels attracted to you she will bored for waiting a call from you. Don’t keep her in disguise ,,, Just talk to her on phone and don’t make predictions that we will talk that day or i will call you some time. Just say goodbye and call at any time . In this way she will also be able to call you anytime otherwise she may wait for your call.

8. Don’t Predict Future Things Early

Never be like a fortune predictor in front of a girl. I mean to say that sometimes you are with your girl , just be polite and don’t embarrass her with awkward things . For example you are chit chatting with her and she says that she likes to visit Philippine beaches and you say …Oh yeah ! Honey Lets plan to get out there and enjoy. This is great but not in every situation because that means you are dying to be his boy friend and girls don’t like that kind of boys so try to avoid that.


7. How many Guy’s Have you Slept With?

This is the most awful thing a boy can ask her girl or any girl he want to date. As mentioned earlier girls don’t like to give these kinds of interviews to boys and they feel insecure while answering this . Even if she has slept with any guy , that should not matter you that much, if she is getting ahead for you.


6. Why you Didn’t Replied Me?

If you have been talking to a girl and most of the time or at instance she did not replied you back , don’t get over and be cool . She must be busy or may be not in the mood of talking so try to ignore her if she does not give you reply. I have seen many guys consistently asking there girls that ” I left you so many messages and you didn’t gave me a single reply.” Most of the girls see it as you are trying to express that you care her a lot.


5. Do you Like Me?

Guys like to ask girls how do they look to them , dashing , hot or cool. Its fun in its own way but when you are getting to start your new relationship with any girl , don’t ask her how do you look to her. Many girls hesitate in talking these kinds of things. If she like you you are old enough to know that you like you in that way.;)


4. What do you want to do Tonight?

You are a man and thus you are a leader so you need not ask each and every single thing that what to do and what not to. if you have planned anything with the girl or for her just gave her the surprise and enjoy your life. Don’t ask her what she want. She will mold herself with your thoughts.


3. Don’t Try to Impress Her By Materialistic Things

I have seen guys boasting of there cars and luxury homes they live in may be in order to impress the girl and show them that they are really rich. This thing really ditches a girl and she hates being things told like that .Just do the romance with her and keep her happy.Never brag about your possessions and belongings and just talk to her normal to attract girls to your personality.


2. Can I take you On Date?

Again , don’t ask or pledge the girl for things. If you have thought of doing something with her. do and ask in a confident way so that it doesn’t look like you are begging for her.If you want to date with her , simply ask her ” Honey , we should go to date this weekend. or if you want to have her cell number , straight away ask for it. Don’t hesitate in front of girls.


 1. Can I Kiss You?

Don’t be a robotic machine in every thing and affair with your girl. Try to be as normal as you can and act polite. Girls are great and awesome creatures of God so we need to respect them. If you take your girl to beach and she is happy to give you a kiss , you can judge that by her feelings , emotions and actions in her. Just watch a minute in her eyes and slowly get near her and give her a tight hug and a big kiss she always remember.

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