Top 10 Things to do in London on a Night Out

London is one of the top and best tourists place on the earth so you may love to find some cool spots in London to enjoy your stay in the city. Are you wondering what to do at your stay at London? Well we have collected some of the best things you can do in a night out in London so that your London trip gets memorable and enjoyable. From different night clubs to hundreds of fun and entertaining places, London does have a lot to share with the new comers and people visiting the London. Are you packing your luggage for your vacations and planning something in that Big City which is also considered to be the Top city in the World. Check out this list below to make sure you don’t miss out on some incredible experiences at your stay in London.


Top 10 Things to do in London on a Night Out

Top 10 Things to do in London on a Night Out

10. Hampstead Fringe


The Hampstead Fringe theater is a top place to enjoy your night in London. The theater offers fresh and newly written scripts of dramas and plays which surely pay off. The alternative theater and comedy on offer in this posh nook of north London will open your eyes to new talent and off-the-wall ideas.

9.Brick Lane curry club


Not only can you pick-up an incredible balti at pretty much any time of night from the curry houses on Brick Lane, but cool coffee bars, late night bagel bakeries, all night fun stuff, girls and funky pubs ensure that you can stay entertained all night in this corner of London’s East End. This Brick Lane Curry Club is surely to turn you on the whole night and they offer the cheapest rates too.

8.Upper Street pub crawl


The stretch from Angel to Highbury Corner tube stations include some of north London’s best bars and cafes, all nestled side-by-side in this busy, buzzy and trendy street. This upper street Pub Crawl is a famous bar in london also known as Verve is also a good place to enjoy your stay at London.

7. Brixton moves ‘n’ grooves


Brixton Academy is one of London’s largest music venues, playing host to the biggest live acts from across the world. Head out for a local drink after seeing your favourite band and take in the music and sample the food of the friendly Caribbean community.


6. Leicester Square flicks


The Odeon Leicester Square hosts Britain’s most dazzling red carpet events for premiers of Hollywood and the best of British films alike. This Leicester Cinema is one of the top ranking Cinema in london where you can watch out your latest movies on 3-D Screens and get the view of IMAX at such ease.Other top cinemas include the Empire, Vue and the smaller indie and alterative film theatre, The Prince Charles.

5.Grosvenor gambling


Located at the prestigious Grosvenor Hotel, the Grosvenor Casino on Harrington Gardens, Kensington, is one of London’s top choices for those who fancy a dance with Lady Luck. The best part of this Grosvenor Victoria Casino is that you can have a free entry if you are adult. With roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines as well as a bar and restaurant, it could be your lucky night. Enjoying nights like this in London were never that easy!

4. Camden comedy


The Camden Comedy is actually an entertainment club in London where comedians come up to have fun with people and outsiders to enjoy the nights.Head down to The Stables near eclectic Camden Lock to see well-known comedians and or have a meal at Jongleurs. Catch fringe routines at pubs like the Camden Head, the Highlight, Monkey Business or else go and see up-and-coming comedians at The Paradise.

3. Chinatown


London’s Chinatown centers on Gerrard Street, with a dizzying number of mainly Cantonese restaurants also offering a great selection of northern Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. The bustling Chinese community also boast traditional medicine, massage and grocery shops. So you can enjoy the pleasure of meeting and having fun with some of the Chinese people and know the tradition and culture of Chinese in London too.

2. Soho


Heaven, located off Villers Street behind Charing Cross Station, is the centre-piece of the London gay scene, and has been pumping out beats and attracting a gay and lesbian crowd along with various celebrities since 1979. Over in Soho, other treats include the iconic G.A.Y Bar on Old Compton Street, The Shadow Lounge on Brewer Street and Adventure Bar on Bedford Street.

1. Clubland


The Clubland is one of the top attraction of London you can never miss to visit while you are in London. This public spot of attraction draws millions of visitors to Britian’s Capital each single year. The West End of London has not-to-be-missed nights at venues like Leicester Square’s Hippodrome, Bar Salsa at Charing Cross and Denmark Street’s 12-Bar and Alley Cat. This place has a lot more to offer other than just fun.

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