Top 10 Most Populated US States

Population is growing each and every single day and be it any country and region no one is able to get a stop to this never ending population. As we already saw that United States of America is one of the Most Populated Country in the world. Keeping in mind such a great population in USA we have decided to write up the Top 10 Most Populated States in US. These states are heavily abundant with inhabitants living. All the population stats depicts the total population in that state including citizens, non citizens and permanent inhabitants. The primary reason that America has got such a huge population is that people from all over the world think that US is a kind of land where dreams come true. So whenever any one get a chance to go abroad, most of them select to travel to America and live there for a better living. Lets have a look at these most Populated US States.


Top Ten Most Populated States of the USA

Top Ten Most Populated States of the USA

10. North Carolina


North Carolina is on 10th Spot with a total population of 9,656,401 people residing in the state.  It is located at South Eastern region of United State. The state consists of almost 100 cities within in which has their own significance for the state of North Carolina. The largest city of this populated US state is Charlotte whereas the Capital of the state is Raleigh. It consists of wide range of elevations too.

9. Georgia


Georgia is a state located in south Eastern of the United States. The interesting thing is that it was the last state to get independence of the thirteen colonies in US. It is also known as the peach state too with a population of 9,815,210 people. The state was named after King George of the Great Britain so it is also referred to as the Empire state. Georgia has the most extensive piece of land.

8. Michigan


Michigan is the state which is located in the Great Lakes region in the Midwest of United States. The name Michigan means “Large Lake” and Its largest city is Detroit and the capital of this 8th most populated US state is Lansing. It is really a very beautiful state with a population of 9,876,187 which consist of two peninsulas.  It is one of the leading and most famous recreational boating spot in US. Moreover the state has more than 65000 inland lakes and ponds.

7. Ohio


Ohio is another populous state of America and 10th most densely populated state in USA. The capital city and the largest city of this state is Columbus. It has the population of 11,544,951 individuals. The word Ohio means Great River or a large creek. It is really famous for its great legislative laws and orders and is considered a turn point state in elections.

6. Pennsylvania


According to population estimates of the state of Pennsylvania is nearly about 12,742,886 people currently living in the state. The city of the Harrisburg is the largest and most populated city of Pennsylvania and is also its capital. It is located in Mid Atlantic region of US. This state was one of the most important founding state of the Great America.

5. Illinois


Illinois has a population of almost  12,869,257 people residing in the state which keeps on increasing with a rather rapid rate of population.  It is considered to be the microcosm of the United States. As the state is a lot more agricultural so the importance of the state in the economy and prosperity of the country is really important. Thus it plays a large part in agricultural productivity for the whole nation.

4. Florida


Florida is the 4th most populated state of the United State with 19,057,542 of population. It is also one of the best tourists spot for people and it generates a huge revenue from its tourism business all over the year. There have been a lot of illegal immigrants from Gulf of Mexico as it has borders with it. The people may claim severe problems with the state but to mention the state is a lot better than dozens of others with a strong economy.

3. New York State


The most renowned and famous state of America is the New York. It is the center of the world’s economy and trade and it really holds a great position among all the US states. Its one of the most populated state of the United State too with a population of 19,465,197 inhabitants. The capital city of the state is Albany.

2. Texas


Texas holds the 2nd spot with having a booming population of 25,674,681 which makes it a really populous state. Texas plays an important role in agriculture, fashion, industry and almost every thing. The residents of the state are really happy with the living style and economy is really strong and every facility is available. Many analysts say that US will collapse if Texas is not a US state.

1. California


California is by far the most populated part of the Grand USA. The calculated and most accurate estimate of the population of this state  California is 37,691,912. One of the most interesting reason that the population in this state is so high is due to the reason that the state offers job opportunities to all of the residents, which is the wish and dream of the inhabitants of any city.

This is the list of the Ten Most Populated States of America (United States). What are your opinions about it? I am sure you may have understood why people dream and plan to run to USA and be a part of the states of America. :)


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3 Responses to “Top 10 Most Populated US States”

  1. Mary says:

    The author (Sajid) of this article makes many mistakes in his articles, doesn’t anyone fact check him?

    Harrisburg is the capital city of Pennsylvania. As of 2011, the city had a population of 49,673, making it the ninth-largest city in Pennsylvania.

    Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the second largest city on the East Coast of the United States, and the fifth-most-populous city in the United States.

    A different and more telling story is this list of the most DENSELY populated states:

    01 New Jersey 1,189 inhabitants per square mile (459 /km2)
    02 Rhode Island 1,006 inhabitants per square mile (388 /km2)
    03 Massachusetts 840.2 inhabitants per square mile (324.4 /km2)
    04 Connecticut 739.1 inhabitants per square mile (285.4 /km2)
    05 Maryland 596.3 inhabitants per square mile (230.2 /km2)
    06 Delaware 464.3 inhabitants per square mile (179.3 /km2)
    07 New York 412.3 inhabitants per square mile (159.2 /km2)
    08 Florida 353.4 inhabitants per square mile (136.4 /km2)
    09 Pennsylvania 284.3 inhabitants per square mile (109.8 /km2)
    10 Ohio 281.9 inhabitants per square mile (108.8 /km2)

  2. Preesi says:

    Uh Harrisburg only has 43, 000 people. Philly has over 1 million..
    Therefore this whole article is bullshit and poorly researched

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