Top 10 Most Interesting Guinness World Records

Records are usually formed when one something really an extraordinary thing which people gets shocked to see at. People have desire to make in their name in Guinness Book of World Records by doing something great , thrilling and really entertaining by which they can show off their utter superiority over others and can prove a great stamina and superficial human being in them. There have been a great many different records which are interesting , bizarre , weird and some times really pleasant ones. We have come up with this great list of Top 10 Best and Most Interesting Guinness Book of World Records for the year 2012.

Some of these most interesting and amazing world records are here, we hope you will love reading about them.


10. The Longest Surfing Record

The Longest Surfing Record

The Longest Surfing Record

Garrett McNamara is a really enthusiastic thrill seeker American who broke the record of Guinness Book by surfing the largest wave ever of 78 Foot tall of the coast of Portugal. The thrill surfer has indeed done a great job and he did survived in the wild and dangerous 78 Feet Tall Water wall which is indeed appreciated. Now he ranks No.1 in the Guinness Book of World records to surf the longest wave ever in the history.

9. World’s Largest Raft


World's Largest Raft

World’s Largest Raft

The Largest Raft of Canoes and Kayaks in the world was created to be the Guniess World Record when more than 2200 paddlers came up to gather on the shore of New York inlet. They were determined to break the previous world record which was of 1619 boats collected altogether. The official tally was announced to be 1902 boats which is now the new set record in the history of raft.

8. Underwater Wedding


Underwater Wedding Photos

Underwater Wedding Photos

The largest underwater wedding ceremony was held in Diving Base, Poland. The weired and really unique way of marriage has made many couples love this marriage. This wedding ceremony was attending by 303 divers who attended the marriage late in 2011. The ceremony holds the record till date and it lasted for about 18 minutes. The couple then gave a long french kiss in water and then other precedings continued.

7. Biggest Cross of People


Biggest Cross of people

Biggest Cross of people

Biggest Cross of People is the record of Philippines. Thousands of Filipinos lined up as a cross to break the record of making a Human Largest Cross. They gathered in a football stadium in Manila to try for this record and surely they did succeeded with gathering more than 20,000 students and teachers wearing their black and white uniforms to attempt at the great event.

6. Largest Number of Dishes


Largest number of Dishes on One Table

Largest number of Dishes on One Table

Chinese will not get behined any nation in any respect now. They now hold the Guinness book of world record to have the largest Number of Dishes on a single table. They were able to gather 8146 separate dishes in one Table which was attempted on Chinese New Year Celebrations and their celebrations got a big applause when they also got to break the previous records of aligning so many dishes in a table.

5. Oldest Twin Sisters


Oldest Twin Sisters Live

Oldest Twin Sisters

These two oldest twin sisters now hold the record to be the longest live twin sisters in the world. Maria and Gabriel both of them live in Belgium and they claim to be celebrating their 101 Birthday which is now the World Record for both sisters live for such a long age. Apart from living with each other for so long they are still living a happy life.

4. Oldest Salsa Dancer


Sarah Paddy Oldest Salsa Dancer

Sarah Paddy Oldest Salsa Dancer

Sarah Paddy Jones is the oldest and the most famous salsa dancer  in the history. Salsa is a unique kind of dance of itself and is mostly performed with a couple. Sarah Paddy is the sexiest yet oldest salsa dancer till date. At the time of creating the world Record, Paddy was more the 77 years old.

3. Longest Chain of Cans


Longest Chain of Cans

Longest Chain of Cans

The longest Chain of Aluminum cans were made by De Pere, Wisconsin, USA. He made this longest Cans chains by 66,343 cans. His attempt of making this chain bore fruit for him to list him in the Guinness Book of World Records. The chain spanned approximately of 5 km. It was a really tedious task but the utter determination of De pere to break his record encouraged him to make this longest cans chain.

2. World’s Largest T- Shirt


World's Largest T Shirt

World’s Largest T Shirt

Gildan smashed the World’s record to create and make the largest T shirt in the World. The shirt is approximately the size of a football field. The shirt is roughly 170 feet wide and 262 feet long. Did you see that how many teens can come in that large shirt. Now you can easily imagine the Blue shirt who broke the record.

1. Longest Gall Bladder Removal


Longest Gall Bladder Removal

Longest Gall Bladder Removal

Pakistani laproscopic surgeon Dr. Naeem Taj has won the Guinness Book of World Record and won the pride and prestige for the nation by  successfully removing 25.5 cm long gall bladder through a 1 cm incision. The Previous record was kept by an Indian Doctor to remove 24 cm long gall bladder but Dr. Naeem Taj has done a great Job to snatch the position and its really a matter of honor and pride for all of us to have this record.


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