Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World

Having a great,lovely and an expensive yet luxurious home is the desire of each and every person and building a fabulous yet a cool home is the dream of most of the working people. but unfortunately not everyone get his dream homes in the world but there are really rich people out there in the world who have really expensive homes and are living a luxurious life style within them. Whatever so home sweet home is the place you love and where you live. It is the kind of place you love even if its one room flat. But the thing is that owning a house of several stories and lush push style home is indeed something one dreams. People have been making expensive and outclass buildings as their homes to live in. Here today we are not to discuss the expensive buildings but these are the Most Expensive homes people have been living and using them for their personal living. You will really be surprised to see and know that how much expensive and costly all these Homes are and how much hard work is put in them to make there look excellent. Lets have a look at all of the Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World.


10. Maison de I’Amitie



Maison de l’Amitie

The Maison de I’Amitie is the mansion which is located in palm beach in Florida. The home consists of each and every modern facility and no luxury material is left for. The total area of 80,000 square meter of this so much expensive home makes it the 10th most expensive personal home in the world. The house is owned by Dmitry Rybolovlev and is worth $125 Million.

9. The Manor



The Manor

The Manor is another expensive home which is worth $130 Million and is owned by the famous TV producer of Hollywood named Aaron Spelling. It is located in Los Angeles. The home features the most expensive components in the world and the interior of the building is worth the costly price. It consists of 3 kitchens, spacious dinning halls and 41 bed rooms with car garage.

8. Hala Ranch


Hala Ranch is the masterpiece construction in Colorado and is


Hala Ranch

dedicated to Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz who was the ex-ambassador to USA. The total construction cost and the worth of this home is $135 Million. The luxurious house consists of tennis court, 27 bed rooms, car garage and car wash areas.

7. Bran Castle



Bran Castle

The Bran Castle also known as Dracula’s Castle is indeed the master piece of ancient heritage of Romania. This was firstly a castle built to avoid and stop Turkish army attacks thus the building consists of hand crafting of 17th Century. The total estimated cost of this building is somewhat around $140 Million and has now become a favorite tourist spot in the world too.

6. The Pinnacle



The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle in Montana is the home you might have ever wished off. The home consists of wine cellars and heated driveways. The house also comprises massage rooms and relaxing stuff available embedded with the modern facilities. The best part of this expensive home is that there are sensing floors which keep the desired warmth or coolness according to your needs.

5. Elena Franchuk’s Villa



Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa

As the name says for it self the Elena Franchuk’s is the famous celebrity of Ukraine. The house is also great living place and provides the best and most luxurious living style in the world. The villa includes indoor swimming pools, sauna gyms, sweet entertaining hall, panic rooms, dancing rooms and a lot other with a total cost of $161 Million.

4. William Randolph Mansion




William Randolph Hearst’s Mansion

William Randolph Mansion is owned by a famous film character named William Randolph Hears’t who played a really dominant role in Godfather and Citizen Kane. The house consists of 29 bed rooms, disco clubs and 3 swimming pools comprising a total build cost of $165 Million. It is said that the famous American president John F. Kennedy celebrated and enjoyed his honeymoon in this most expensive Mansion.

3. Updown Court



Updown Court

The magnificent and really awesome looking Updown Court is among the world’s most beautiful buildings in the world along with third most expensive home too.  It covers an area of 40,000 square feet covering 103 well decorated rooms and halls. Surprisingly there is also a movie theater of 50 seats too in this personal home.

2. The Penthouses



The Penthouses

The Pent houses at One Hyde Park in London has been also the most beautiful home one can dream of. The foreign minister of Qatar named Shiekh Hamad bought this exotic house. The features of this home includes a strict security house system with alarms.The location of the house is admirable and house is fascinating. The cost of the house is said to be $200 Million.

1. Antilla




Mukesh Ambani an Indian businessman built this superior master piece building home worth $500 Million. He is also one of the Most Richest man in the world. It is the most expensive home in the world ever built in the history. The marvelous house consists of parking grounds, entertainment halls, dinning halls and guest halls. The interior and the exterior both are so eye catching and attracting that you will fall in love with it. Located in Mumbai with place of more than 200 car garage and a staff of 600 people at a time is always there for its beauty and maintenance.

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  1. Barry Jenkins says:

    Think the Rybolovlev estate was actually bought for 95 million USD and was purchased by Dmitry Rybolovlev’s daughters through a trust

  2. josephus tablada says:

    All of the most expensive luxury home are so wonderful and give me a inspiration to live more in this world. Hoping Someday my name and my luxury home will apper in this web page. Hoping God will lead me the way of sucess and more blessings to come.

  3. outlr says:

    awesome detail this post contains

  4. Jack says:

    My favorite one is William Randolph Mansion. The thing that i like about it the most is its locations. Having greenery around gives you nature’s feel. I always dream of owning one and by goods grace will definitely own one.

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