Top 10 Football Goals of 2013

Nothing in sports beats the thrill of a superb goal in “the beautiful game.” And there were plenty of Here are TTP’s selections for the top ten goals in the year 2013. Whether or not you agree with the rankings, I’m sure all fans of football/soccer will enjoy seeing these fantastic goals. Enjoy!

10) Pajtim Kasami

Fulham vs Crystal Palace

Kasami sprints to catch up with a long pass from team-mate Sascha Reither. While still running fast, he controls the ball and drives it into the net. You have to see this one to appreciate what an amazing goal it is.


9) Frank Ribery

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Monchengladbach

From a lovely pass by Philipp Lahm, Frank Ribery hits it first time with his weak (relatively) foot and hits a screamer past the helpless keeper. A memorable end to the Bundesliga season and the reign of coach Heynckes.


8) Louis Suarez

Liverpool vs Norwich City

Is Suarez the best attacking player in the Premier League? He gets a lot of criticism due to his apparent taste for human flesh and his attempts to launch a second career with the Uraguayan Olympic diving team. But nobody can deny that this goal against Norwich is world class. Check out the bad boy from the Uruguayan slums in this video of our choice for goal number #8 of 2013.


7) David Luiz

Chelsea vs Fulham

Chelsea’s best non-defensive defenseman, David Luiz nails a screamer from about 30 yards out.
His shot rockets past Fulham’s Mark Schwarzer to hit the top corner of the net.


6) Robin van Persie

Manchester United vs Aston Villa

This fabulous strike by the talented Dutchman is assisted by a long floating pass from Wayne Rooney. Van Persie lets the ball come down over his shoulder as he runs at full speed. Then he volleys it with great pace and accuracy into the far corner past Aston Villa’s Brad Guzan.


5) Antonio Di Natale

Udinese vs A.C. Chievo Verona

Di Natale’s goal is a bit like the wonder volley from van Persie at #5. Di Natale is also running fast and uses his weaker foot to connect with a cross and drill it into the goal. This goal, however is struck from a much more difficult angle than the Robin van Persie goal, so I put it at #6, just ahead of that goal.


4) Diego Costa

Atletico Madrid vs Getafe

It wasn’t much of a contest, with Atletico thrashing Getafe 7-0, but this goal by former underachiever Diego Costa made it a game to remember. This perfectly timed overhead kick is the 5th goal of the match, and it’s beauty. We’re putting it at #4. Would you agree?


3) Clement Grenier

Olympique Lyonnais vs Real Madrid

At number #3, Clement Grenier, a relatively unknown player from a relatively unknown team, scores one of the most amazing goals of 2013. He’s about 18 yards out and receives a strong cross from team-mate Lacazette. Apparently a normal volley would have offended his French esthetic sensibilities, so instead, the Lyon midfielder turns away from the ball and volleys it past keeper Diego Lopez with his heel. Must be seen to be believed.


2) Dani Osvaldo

Southampton vs Manchester City

This goal combines a great team effort with a magnificent display of solo skills by Osvaldo. The play starts with a great tackle in Southampton’s 18 yard box, followed by two quick forward passes. The ball reashes Dani Osvaldo and he proceeds to put Vincent Company on his backside, beat another defender and then place an inch-perfect shot into the very top corner at the far side of the goal. Brilliant!


1) Jack Wilshere

Arsenal vs Norwich City

Wilshere is the one who nets this amazing goal, but Santi Carzola and Olivier Giroud play equal parts in what may be the ultimate team goal. People will be replaying this Harlem GLoabtrotter-esque goal for years. This is simply one of the best displays of qucik pasing in tight spaces ever. I believe the passes go something like this: Cazorla to Wilshere; Wilsher back to Cazorla; Carzola to Giroud; Giroud to Wilshere; Wilshere back to Giroud; Giroud back to Wilshere; Wilshere into the bottom left corner of the goal. Just try to beat this one, Barca!


There it is, my list of top ten goals from European football in 2013. Agree? Am I off my rocker? Please share opinions, alternate choices in the comments below.

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