Top 10 Facts of High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is really a common and well known disease which is found in many people from all ages and from all over the world. It is usually caused due to obesity which causes nerves to narrow and thus giving the blood less space to pass through the body. So when heart pumps blood to all parts of the body the blood gets many obstruction and it sometime cause it much difficulties to flow easily all over the body. There are many High blood pressure symptoms and facts which we should know so that if we ever encounter we can take the required steps and medication accordingly to avoid the problem as soon as possible. Let’s have a look at the ten most important things and facts you must know about High Blood Pressure.


High Blood Pressure Facts

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

1. High Blood Pressure has now become the most common medical condition in the people. About 1 in every 5 people in the world faces the problem of high blood pressure. It is mostly to occur after the age of 40 years and by the time you reach the age of 50+ there is more than 50% chance that you can develop this severe medical condition.

2. High Blood pressure when occur should be seriously taken into account as it is known as silent killer. Actually the thing is that many people actually don’t feel that they do have the problem of high blood pressure as they don’t see any symptoms or problems actually happening with their body. But if blood pressure problem started in you, it really can cause serious problems inside your body so you must try to take regular checkups.

3. As the optimal blood pressure level is 120/80 which is the ideal blood pressure for most of the people. So you must bear in mind that it may not be very much high or very low so you can avoid both the worst conditions. After the age of 50 years the blood pressure reading of 140/90 is also fine and bearable but more than that can cause problems for you.

4. Once you have detected and figured out that you are the patient of high blood pressure than don’t leave it untreated. If you do that you can be at increased risk to some of the major problems like heart attack, blood vessel disease or even heart failure. The most important fact of the century regarding high blood pressure is that the risk of your death doubles for each 20mmHg reading of systolic blood pressure and 10mmHg increase in diastolic pressure.

5. High Blood pressure disease can run into your family easily and it is most probable that if your family has some medical history about having problems of high blood pressure, keep in mind to check your blood pressure monitored regularly because these are the things which are not at all at your control.

6. Eating a healthy diet and improving your lifestyle habits can improve your life and thus stabilize your blood pressure easily. Do exercise regularly and try to lose your weight as much as you can. Avoid unnecessary use of oily things and limit the use of alcohol, caffeine and salt. Smoking is most injurious to your health so if you smoke, please quit it immediately so that you can survive.

7. As just mentioned that limits the use of salt. It is small but it carries huge amount of items which increase your blood pressure to the next levels. Medical experts say that more than 40% of all the high blood pressure is caused due to the extra usage of salty diets.

8. It is mostly seen that the normal and daily routine medical drugs can also harm your blood pressure and are the major cause of high blood pressure. Some of the pain medications likes naproxen and ibuprofen can sky rocket your blood pressure in minutes. So try to minimize the use of drugs which contain pseudoephedrine.

9. Researches have shown that taking lesser but a handful of different pills as a combination can help to control high blood pressure better than using a single but over dosed pill. It is necessarily not true for everyone so you must need to check your medical doctor and follow his advice.

10. Yes, this one is the most important of all the facts that once you started taking blood pressure pills take them regularly – since high blood pressure issues no symptoms to the person and he/she might feel fine and leave the medication so you must not quit your pills or any of your blood pressure medication like this. Speak to your doctor if you want to have any issue, problem or want to take advice.

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