Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Ranking is the only thing most of the bloggers worry about in their starting blogging career is the Alexa Rank of any website. Alexa Rank is a measure of a traffic or page impressions and unique visitors of any blog or website which it gets. It is indeed the holy Alexa which decide the market value of any website or blog. The better the Alexa ranking of your website the better the authority and visibility and yet greater traffic of any website. It surely is a wonderful way to organize and get a little summary of any website if you are interested in advertising for a specific website. is a partner program launched by Amazon and is the most successful online tool to judge the performance of any website. The Alexa rank and page rank are the two main factor many bloggers and webmasters worry about and of course they are interested in increasing both of them to the maximum available potential of the website. It helps webmasters to get an idea to advertise on any website too.

Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Many people have lost trust in Alexa as Alexa measures the ranking of the websites only of those and counts the visits which have Alexa toolbar installed. Even having lot of critical reviews , Alexa has sustained and is up to be the world’s largest website traffic checking tool. Well, we have gathered some of the best Top 10 Ways to Improve your Alexa Ranking Fast and in no time.


10. Be Social and Promote Your Website


The best tactic to improve your Alexa dramatically is that get social and promote your website on different places as much as you can. Alexa keeps the traffic of a sociability of any website and or a blog to increase the ranking criteria of any blog. Promoting your website to the world is the most important thing to generate traffic and increase your traffic value.

9. Update your Website Regularly


Updating your content of the website is also one of the foremost tip to rapidly increase Alexa Rank. We all know that content matters to people but the most important thing is that people love to get fresh and new content everyday. So you need to update and post more frequently to have a regular stream of people following and coming to your blog.


8. Write Quality Content


Everyone knows how much a Quality content is important to any webmaster or a blogger. As Google is thirsty of the new fresh content all the time so as the people are who search the data online. So you must keep in mind to add frequently but the most fresh yet unique ideas and content which people love to read or watch out. To increase Alexa traffic rank you need to post quality articles .


7. Commenting and Back linking


Alexa mostly tracks the back links and traffic of any blog or website to estimate the Alexa rank of that specific website. So the superb way of getting traffic is commenting on active and high profile and high traffic blog/website. So telling and adding something positive in comments make people come to your blog. Thus it helps in both getting a back link from a high quality site and also to generate easy traffic and in return we get a high Alexa ranking fast.


6. Get Alexa Reviews of your Website


Ask people to review your website on and try to get 5 star reviews. Alexa also counts those reviews and it helps the people more to increase their Alexa rank. Make a constructive website which has value in the eyes of the visitors or the people who are going to post some review for your website or a blog . Follow this step , you will surely see a rise in Alexa rank.


5. Review Alexa on Your Website


This is another little trick to improve your Alexa fast, actually the thing is the write more and more about Alexa and encourage your audience to install the toolbar so every time the people visiting your blog will help will count your visits in the Alexa inventory thus increasing your Alexa in no time.

4. Get Traffic from Bloggers


It is similar to the previous tip and that is to get traffic from bloggers and people searching for something related to blogging niche. It is the most easiest and fastest way to increase Alexa Rank in minutes. It really boosts the traffic as all or major of the audience will have the Alexa toolbar installed which in return is aggressively going to increase your traffic manifold.

3. Put Alexa Widget on Your Website


This is also the new tested way to improve Alexa rank of your website. This is to put the Alexa Widget on sidebar of your blog or website so that every visit to your website is counted to be the Alexa visit and may also help in increasing it fast. Many bloggers still don’t believe in putting the Alexa widget but we have personally encountered really good results by putting it on the website.

2. Claim Your Site


Alexa now offers an opportunity to claim your website by adding a short meta tag code in your website which helps Alexa to crawl the website properly and many pro bloggers claim that claiming the site also helps in getting a wao increase in the ranking as it is able to crawl and index the website in a proper manner which is very important feature for bloggers. You can also become a pro member of Alexa by Upgrading too.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar


The first and foremost point to increase Alexa Traffic rank is to install Alexa Toolbar on your browsers and make it the Homepage. So every time you visit your blog / website every moment it will move upward and thus giving you an easy way and help you increasing traffic rank for your website, for which most of the people are dying for.  Keep in mind these Top ten tips and these are surely the best ways if you want to Increase your Alexa Rank rapidly.




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