Top 10 Best U.S Halloween Party Destinations

Parties are one of the most thrilling event in the great Halloween night. Without a rocking sexy party , Halloween is just a piece of boring stuff or feels like a local party of some friends and family members. So to make your night a memorable fun, there are a lot of Halloween Party Destinations which are worth visiting to enjoy the all night non ending fun and to have some freaky and creepy moments with the guys and gals up there in the parties. As we told earlier that United States is really very much popular in celebrating Halloween than any other country on the planet , we have gathered a list of the Top 10 Best U.S Halloween Party Destinations  which should not be missed at any case to get the full out of them. Some of the party places are general and they allow everyone to have fun whatever they want but others have adult themed content which do allow special ones in the party for couples and balls to have a really bombastic night ever.


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Top 10 Best U.S Halloween Party Destinations

Top 10 Best U.S Halloween Party Destinations

10. Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania


The Mahanoy City in Pennsylvania holds the most stunning halloween party way. Actually its the only biggest and famous place for vampire hunt. The destination located in woods at dark night makes it more real and the fun you can imagine. To enter in the Grave Digger Ball to dance with your girl and to enjoy drinks you need to race for the four hours of car rally in the woods at  night. The winning couple gets $200 and an honor to enter the ball for the most lovely party place.

9. Salem, Massachusetts


The Salem is really a famous spot for celebrating the Halloween Eve for people in Massachusetts. It is mostly known as the witches land and warlocks. The distinction of this place is that the the hosts of the Festivals of the dead takes the party guests to a trip to underworld. The other features of the party place includes some fetish dance and all this take place in the Official Salem Halloween Ball where a lot of great performances can be seen and a good chance of having a chat with females attendees of the party out there.

8. Tampa, Florida


The Tampa in Florida is the best place to do a Halloween Party with your family and with kids. The Latin Flavored Guavaween is often celebrated here. There are fun fiestas and a lot of other stalls and sun stuff out in the streets all night. It has rides, food stalls, contests, kids entertaining spots, family fun fairs and the night becomes a really great.

7. Beverly Hills, California


Play boy mansions are never to be missed. But there is one more thing about the Beverly Hills in California party place is that it is not open for public. You can enter the party destination in Halloween only if you are really very much beautiful or have the right connection with the organizers. The Halloween party reaches its extreme while you are in fireman costume to attract a huge audience. It features a lovely free trip to the mansion which indeed is worth watching and visiting the endless fun.

6. Vancouver, British Columbia


The Vancouver in British Columbia tries to maintain a real yet traditional look at every event to its taste and they are really succeeded in getting what the people desire from them. The Halloween party night comes up with a load of stuff to entertain the people on the great night. In fact fire and bonfire are the main two things we see at this destination. The fireworks are really a beautiful piece of art and the flaming acrobats performance is also a unique one in its own way.

5. Houston, Texas


The Houston, Texas is a trick or treat kind of party place in USA. The ever best costume male or female is awarded so we see a wide variety of odd, bizarre and really fanatic kinds of costumes in this party. Also people with unique Halloween tattos are body piercing are also rewarded by the hosts. The haunted house, weird foods and other pretty things catch the attraction of people coming in the party at Hallow Eve.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana


The party at the New Orleans in Louisiana is the most popular yet most wildest party destinations ever in America. The party comprised of four days make it the best place to enjoy the best night experience ever in the dark to have fun with your naughty thoughts.Vampire strippers are not to be missed in any case as this is the most lovely scene to be seen at the party. Other fun stuff includes musical night .

3.Los Angeles, California


Los angeles parties are mostly R rated. The parties started as lesbian and gays party only but now they allow everyone. The half million people at the party comes up with the most creative costumes wored at the Halloween party night.They also includes celebrity performances which are worth watching and make all the crowd on. The private couple parties at the end are really fantastic.

2. Greenwich Village, New York


The New york enclave is the biggest yet most entertaining of all the parties at the Halloween. It is said that more than 2 Million people come to do party at the Greenwich Village in New York. Festival International announced that The New York Halloween Party is the biggest party ever on the planet Earth.The dazzling and sizzling musical bands singing adds a great to the party which people come to enjoy there.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas party is also a fetish party in United States. People are allowed to come in costumes of any kind and the costume can be as simple as to only cover the private parts of men and women by small leaves or whatever. You should love to watch the belly dancers and fire breathers on the stage who practically wear nothing. Travel channel announces it to be one of the ” Top 10 Events in the World”. Other things including porn slideshows, haunted houses and shinning massive dance floors for the party guests.

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