Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas 2013

In the present economic conditions in 2013, where the jobs are less and the costs of living are rising, starting a small business is a pretty good idea. There are several things you can do and which require minimal costs and equipment. This list will help you get many ideas about different small scale businesses which you can start based on your skills. These best work  ideas are bound to give you results, given that you dedicate proper time and effort on the work. Most of these small business ideas can go side by side with your current job and you need not quit your job. But that doesn’t mean that you stop focusing on your small business. Dedication and hard-work are the key factors in determining the success of these small businesses featured in this top 10 list.The Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas 2013 are as follows:


Small Business Ideas 2013


10. eBay Trader

eBay Trader  - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

eBay Trader

We kick off this top 10 list with eBay trader. 6 out of 10 people in 2013 would have heard of or used eBay. As the name suggests you will start this small business sitting at home and doing work online. All you require is a good internet connection, phone, and good negotiating and bargaining skills. You will work as a trader, only this will be online.  The only drawback of this small work idea is that this idea is a bit saturated now and perhaps the chances of gaining massive profits may be limited. Nevertheless with proper dedication and hard-work, you can do wonders.

9. Delivery Services

Delivery Services - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Delivery Services

Developed countries like USA already have a very efficient delivery system, but in developing countries like Pakistan and India, this is a great opportunity and idea for a small business. More and more people are inclined to place home delivery orders. what you can do is that you can offer home delivery offers on a number of things like food items, clothes, jewellery, calling cards etc. All you need is a phone and proper interactive social media page on Facebook.

8. Content Creator

Content Creator - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Content Creator

With more and more websites and blogs opening up and more companies looking to move towards the internet, content creator is one great small business idea. Employers, bloggers, and other such people are in constant need of quality writing with original content. If you have excellent writing skills, you can succeed in this small business very easily.

7. Antique Shop

Antique Shop - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Antique Shop

Antique shop is one of the best business ideas you can think of.  There is always a specific market of people looking for antiques and items from their culture. They use them as a decoration piece. Opening up an antique shop only requires you to have contacts with people who make such items. For example, handicrafts of Pakistan are famous worldwide. Small households  make plenty of such items and you can easily get in contact with them. This business idea is creative and unique and by catering to a market niche, you are bound to make profits.

6. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Cleaning Services

In countries like USA and UK, people prefer to do their own work. But in Asian countries, it is pretty normal to get services of a cleaning lady. One issue which arises in this scenario is the security concerns, as people are hesitant to hire unknown people. This is where you can step in with one of the best small work ideas. You can open up an agency of cleaning ladies where you keep a database full of the records of the workers. This way, your clients will be happy and your pockets will be full.

5. Security Agency

Security Agency - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Security Agency

At the midway point of this top 10 list, we have another small business idea which you can try in 2013. Open up a security agency! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Security is an essential and strong powerful people are always looking for bodyguards to protect them from unwanted harm. Event managers are also on the lookout for security personnel for their events. With this businesses idea, you can capture all such audiences with ease.

4. Specialized Restaurant

Specialized Restaurant - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Specialized Restaurant

One of the best business ideas is to open up a specialized restaurant which caters to a specific market niche. For example, you can start a restaurant for the upper class and provide them with delicacies. Or you can start a basic restaurant catering to laborers etc. It all depends on your budget and what you have in mind. But keep in mind that because of the stiff competition in this field, you have to make all the right shots or you’ll be out.

3. Blogging

Blogging - Best Small Business Ideas 2013


What better business that to sit at home and earn dollars! Blogging is one of the best small business ideas you can ever come up with. All you require are good writing skills, and some basic SEO knowledge and you’re in with a chance. In blogging, there is no fixed salary which you will get. The earning scope is limitless and you can earn thousands of dollars just sitting at home. But this requires maximum dedication and hard-work. Blogging is one of those small businesses which you can do without quitting your job. Therefore, this is one of the best business ideas.

2. Web Designing

Web Designing - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Web Designing

Just like blogging, web designing is one of those best small businesses you can do by sitting in the comforts of your home. The only thing different is that you require web designing skills which not all people have. If you are one of those lucky ones who have this skill, your earning opportunity from web designing would be phenomenal.

1. Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services - Best Small Business Ideas 2013

Consultancy Services

No matter what field you belong to, you can open up a consultancy service and provide suggestions to people about your field of expertise. Doctors, engineers, managers, any one can be a consultant. You are your own boss and are answerable to nobody.This is why this is one of the best small business ideas of 2013. With the right marketing techniques and efficient staff, you can do wonders with this small business.


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