Top 10 Best Places to Visit in India

India is a land of Unity with Diversity that is the land of numerous cultures as it gathers around a billion people in the country. With such a huge population one can easily judge that how many cultures and people and places are offered by this awesome and beautiful country.No matter where you visit in India you surely will find something beautiful and historic. Love it or hat it , India do has everything one can imagine and make your trip and vacations memorable one.India has a lot of tourism places . You will enjoy visiting some of the wonderful temples , magnificent beaches, frosty mountains, superlative cities , healthy villages and colorful festivals going around the country. We have gathered a list of the Top 10 Best Yet Beautiful and worth watching places you should visit in India before you die. You will surely love India for its great beauty hidden in all this.


10.Nicobar and Andaman Islands

Andaman-And-Nicobar-IslandsTop 10 Best Places to Visit in India

Andaman And Nicobar Islands


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are beautiful islands located in Bay of Bengal.Although these are separate from each other and remote islands their beauty makes them a good place to be must visited by tourists or people wishing to enjoy a tour at india. They are really very interesting tourists destinations as there are many facilities available regarding surfing , scuba driving and a lot more enjoyment stuff for people.

9. Agra

Agra (Taj Mahal)

Agra (Taj Mahal)


Agra , probably knownand famous for the being called as the city of Taj Mahal is a declared UNESCO three most important historical buildings and places which are worth watching. Taj Mahal has been driving people crazy and millions of people each summer visit the place to enjoy the beauty in sighted in the building. Its approximately 200km from Dehli and Agra Fort is also a great place to visit while your visit.


8. Darjeeling




This place might not be that famous and many people may not be familiar with Darjeeling but Believe  me it is the most blessed and beautiful mountainous area of India. The place was first established as a great city by the British. Some of the other places except its snowy and high peaks are Tiger Hill , Makkhal Temple , National Park and a small zoo attract the attention of visitors and tourists.


7. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Hills

Kodaikanal Hills


Kodaikanal is an awesome and enchanting tourists place in south India and is mostly known as the Princess of Hill stations. Its mainly popular of its great waterfalls, thick forests and beautiful scenic environment which covers the place entirely. So you must visit the place in order to enjoy a peaceful environment while in your journey.Kodaikanal Lake is another place where a lot of people find interesting and a wow place.


6. Mumbai

Mumbai - Gateway of India

Mumbai – Gateway of India


Mumbai is the oldest city of India and is the combination of old and modern age with a lot of theaters, huge monuments, beautiful and large skyscrapers and on other side we can also enjoy the old and historical places of India too in the the same city. The city full of surprises is the number 1 tourists place to be. A best place of tourists delight. The Mumbai also attract food lovers and welcome them with famous food streets where you can enjoy Indian rich food. In other words we can say its the best place you can visit.


5. Rajasthan




If you do have a love for Mughal Empires and Mughal art , you must not forget to to visit Rajasthan. This place is also called the land of Royals. The Mughal emperors used to be in the this place. The main beauty of the Rajhastan is the Mughal Culture. It do includes the forts , lakes and other monuments too, but the India’s most incredible place in Jaipur is this one you must never miss to visit.


4. Kerala



Kerala is located in South India and is really very famous for its natural beauty and white sand beaches. Kerala is unique for its traveling experience. Kerala is declared to be the Paradise on this earth by National Geographic. Back waters which are a chain of lagoons are a main tourism turning point of Kerala in India.


3. Goa




Goa is the smallest piece of land and the little state of India but its worth mentioning here that it attracts more than 2 million visitors and tourists annually. The best picturesque beaches of Goa makes this land God’s Heaven on Earth. It also welcome its visitors fresh seafood, vivid night life and beautiful environment for all national and international people making their vacations awesome.


2. Ladakh




Ladakh is a plateau in Indus Valley set up high in the Himalaya mountain series. It is situated up abut 3000 meters high which is also known as the huge altitude valley and is mostly some times referred to as Moon Land for being such a high in sky. The beauty of ladakh is located in the mountainous culture of Tibetans. There is a huge snowfall almost all the year in the valley but in summer it melts and waters the fields.


1. Kashmir

















Kashmir is the ever best place on this heaven and is known as the heaven and paradise on Earth.  One can never ever describe the beauty of Kashmir in words like beautiful , awesome. they are merely just less for its beauty. The spell Bound lakes and extremely wonderful and amazing environment of Kashmir makes it the best place to live or visit in India or Pakistan. As it is a disputed territory, both the countries are having a lot of issues with it and there is a lot of violence. Yet still you can visit it as a tourist to enjoy the utmost beauty , god has put in this little piece of land residing both over Pakistan and India.


Well , How did you like the place and which one did you loved the most? We will love if you share your experiences and thoughts about the best places to visit in India.

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  1. Durgesh Nandan says:

    May be you were misguided. Rajasthan aw never ruled by Mugals. The culture you saw there was rajputana culture.

  2. Anand says:

    Others that could have been the part of the list: Munnar, Dalhousie, and Mussoorie.

  3. Travel Guide says:

    I am surprised that how a person can manage to post such a nice blog that can help other traveler, In fact I an wondering for such blog with tourist attraction.

  4. saurabh says:

    Dear murals never ruled rajasthan don’t write wrong about rajputana culture please correct it up

  5. Amritha says:

    Beautiful kashmir…..

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