Top 10 Best London Olympics 2012 Advertisements

Nowadays its the Olympic fever. Everyone is talking about Olympics. Its not only the people but also the companies. Events like Olympics are a great opportunity for companies to market themselves. This post is about the top ten best advertisements at London Olympics 2012. With all eyes on the mega event, it is a perfect opportunity for companies to send messages to their consumers and make a strong brand image. Every four years, you get a mega event as Olympics or World Cup and that is the time when whole nations unite. This is the perfect moment to advertise because that’s when everybody is watching the games. And hence your message reaches to millions if not billions of people all over the world.

London Olympics logo 2012

London Olympics logo 2012

Following are the Top 10 Best London Olympics 2012 Advertisements:


10. Go Daddy Olympics 2012

Go Daddy ad for this year’s London Olympic Games is funny, seductive and meaningful. Go Daddy made 3 ads for Olympics and this one makes our list. Go Daddy is indicating the idea that behind every attractive thing(website) is a complete team of professionals who strive to make the thing better.


9. London 2012 Foxtel Australia ad

Foxtel Australia is an Austarlian channel which will be broadcasting the Olympics. This ad is about the coverage of the Olympic games and is very well made.


8. Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Ad

This is one of the many ads produced by Coca-Cola in relation to Olympics. It is basically a pre-Olympics ad. This ad portrays the thrill of torch relay among crowd and how you can celebrate with Coca-Cola.


7. RONA 2012 Olympic Relay TV Commercial

RONA has made this Olympic ad in relation with the torch relay. Very beautifully done, this ad is both emotional and funny. This ad was part of RONA’s GO Canada campaign.


6.  OMEGA London 2012 ‘Start Me Up’ TV Commercial

This Olympic ad is by Omega which is a leading television brand all over the world. The ad portrays how one can view Olympics in HD through Omega TV.


5. British Airways  London 2012 Ad

This British Airways ad is promoting not only the brand but London itself. The ad is very well done and shows masterpieces of London. This ad has the potential of attracting tourists.


4. BBC London 2012 Olympic Games advert

BBC has come up with yet another ad of their unparalleled coverage of London Olympics. This ad shows that BBC has always been there for its viewers and now at the Olympics, it will remain there.


3. Move to the Beat of London 2012 Commercial

This Coca Cola ad is for Olympics and portrays how to celebrate the joys of Olympics by having Coke. This is part of the Coca Cola ad campaign for London Olympics.


2.Usain Bolt vs. London – Our 2012 Ad – Visa Golden Space

This Olympics ad is funny and appeals to nearly all audiences. It stars the world record holder and the fastest runner in the world, Usain Bolt. The presence of such a celebrity has landed this Olympics ad at number 2 in our list.


1. Best Job P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film

This Olympics ad by P&G is the best among all. It is perfect and has all the elements an ad should have. It is very emotional and moves you to tears. Truly a masterpiece!!!

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