Top 10 Best Katy Perry Songs

Katy Perry is one of the most beautiful and talented American singer, song writer and actress. Katy Perry born on 25 October 1984 and in such a young age , she has able to grab millions of lovers and fan followers from all over the world. The 29 Years old young , sexy Katy perry started her career back in 2001 and released her first album after only 3 years i.e her first album of great songs were released in 2005. The awesome and most popular songs by her are I kissed a girl , hot n cold and teenage dreams and many other songs.

Katy Perry’s original name is actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and her melodious voice is enough for teenagers and youngsters and even old aged people too. Her live active singing on stage is really liked and there is a huge audience in her concerts. One more thing about Katy Perry is her sexy looks with brilliant clothing and hot hairstyle which attracts the attention of people to her and made her that famous.

Katy Perry Songs

Katy Perry Songs

Lets have a look at her most popular and lovely songs by Katy Perry. You can also download her songs by clicking on the link.


10. Walking Up in Vegas


Walking up in Vegas is a song written by Katy Perry and also sung by her. The catchy tune of the song has even made critics give a positive review about it . Check out the video which is showcasing the sexy singer “Katy Perry” sitting in a Lamborghini as if it looks that she is going to drive and race down that fabulous car to Las Vegas town and its streets. What a wonderful song it is indeed. I bet you will all love to watch and download the video of the song here.

9. I kissed a Girl


I kissed a girl is a great song performed by the American singer Katy Perry in her famous album “One of the Boys”. The song is a great breakthrough and this is Katy perry who have got a lot of admiration from her songs even from critics. The beautiful lyrics and tone of the song ” I kissed a girl” makes this song a really catchy number.Do watch the video of the song and enjoy.

8. Thinking of You


Thinking of You is also a lovely song by Katy and it is also from the album ” One of the Boys” and was the most hit song of her ever. It is one of the three songs that she claims to write solely herself. The song is really realistic and shows katy in two different moods. One when she is feeling badly disturbed and lonely and the other moment in which she is having fun .

7. California Gurlz


California Gurlz is the most sexiest songs of the Katy Perry’ albums and it topped the Billboard score. The music of the song was really great and got very much popular in a short time. The best pop song ever from Katy Perry is the California Gurlz.The song was said to be the best summer anthem for the lyrics it had.

6. Firework


Again a great song by Katy, is this Firwork song. You will find her really awesome and sexy and she looks like lady gaga while performing the song. She indeed got a huge feedback from her audience and millions of fans for this one also. As it was also a wonderful performance with great lyrics from her.

5. Starstrukk


Starstrukk is an American song by 3OH!3 and the singer again Katy Perry made a good magic on people with her melodious voice and awesome performance. The Pop Star Katy made this song an awesome feel and it got hit a lot., especially in Australia, United States and Ireland and Poland too.

4. Teenage Dream


Teenage Dream was the third album released by Perry and it also was a popular number , you can imagine that more than 192,000 copies were sold in the first week on launch of the album. That was a huge response katy got from its audience and music lovers.

3. Last Friday Night



2. E.T



1. Hot n Cold


You must for sure admire Katy Perry , the lovely lady for her admiring looks and her dancing and moving styles while she sings around. The song is really an extreme and i could not stop my naughty emotions watching the video of the song ” Hot n Cold”. I must say , its the ever best song of the year as well as from Katy perry. We can expect these kinda lovely numbers from her. Actually what happens in the story of the song is that its all about an unstable relationship.

Lets wait, watch and download these best songs of her and let us know what do you think of her and her songs.


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