Top 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants

Restaurants have been an integral part of humans life. There are many well established and great restaurants in the world serving people with their delicious and tasty foods. People love to have fast food even knowing that how much fat it carries but the craze for fast food is never ending. So watching the interest of people for so much of fast food there are many hotels and restaurants being build and this is the reason that Fast food Restaurants are getting really that popular among people world wide. Same is the case with us here at TopTenPlus that we have gathered a list of the 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants keeping in mind the love of people for fast foods. These restaurants have been in business for long and have been able to get to give people really tasty and crispy dishes. Are you feeling hungry to know which are the best Restaurants in world. Well, lets have a look at all these.


10. Sonic Drive in


Sonic Drive in

Sonic Drive in

This fast food chain was founded by troy smith in 1953 as a single simple restaurant. The earliest menu was mainly of hamburgers,toasts, milk shakes and ice creams. But as the Fast food restaurant expanded its latest menus are updated every day as its chain expands all over the world. The tasty food items offered here especially the hamburgers and sundaes made it is the most popular hotel.

9. K.F.C




KFC is the most conventional fast food restaurants in the world.Sanders the founder of this fast food chain established KFC in 1930 and has made it one of the most popular in fast food hotel. The logo of KFC also features the picture of its founder. Actually the company rose to fame with its special fried chicken which is said to be a combination of 11 secret spices.

8. Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 as a single pizza parlor in Kansas, USA. Both the Dan and Frank Carney aimed to create little taste of pizza with salads and side dishes in the menu. The most popular items of its menu are Chicago dish pizza and Silician pizza. Pizza hut got famed by making a space pizza in 2001 for which its also known as the best Space fast food restaurant.

7. Dunkin Donuts


Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin Donuts is an American beverages and food company which is most popular coffee house chain that operates the total number of 10,000 restaurants with more than 32 countries all over the world. This company got media’s attention due to its catchy ads and slogans. The slogan of Dunkin Donuts is “The World runs on Dunkin’s”. Its main attraction¬† is mostly sandwiches, bakery products and beverages and of course the donuts are the best.

6.  Taco Bells


Taco Bells

Taco Bells

The seasoned French fries are the main attraction of this popular food restaurant. The company was founded by Glen Bell in 1962 which was based on tacos. Taco bells is said to be the most visited drive in cafe of the world. It also manages dozens and hundreds of its franchises all over the world in more than 20 different countries. You must pay a visit to this fast food chain too.

5. Starbucks




Starbucks started way back in 1971 as a small coffee bean roaster and sellers in Seattle, but it turned out to be a big chain in short period. It offers hot and cold drinks , coffee beans, salads, best sandwiches, snacks and pastries. It is one of the major fast food chain at the present whose products can be easily found everywhere and people love their delicious and delighting foods.

4. Wendy’s




The Wendy’s old fashioned hamburgers restaurant was started by Dave Thomas in 1969 and he was the chief chef of K.F.C which is a world wide most famous brand and now when he himself decided to start a new fast food restaurant. He was really a talented chef and introduced some great new dishes in hamburger making and made it one of the most successful fast food chain in the world now.

3. Burger King


Burger King

Burger King

The Burger King was founded by Keith J.Kramer in 1953 and was started in Florida for the very first time. The earliest menu consisted mainly of hamburgers, Chicken dishes and french fries also desserts and a lot more has been added lately. The best thing about this restaurant is that almost all of their recipes and fast food items are cooked automatically by computers so they need no human work to prepare delicious foods.

2. Subway




Subway is the globally recognized fast food chain and mainly deals with submarine sandwiches and salads. Subway is one of the top growing restaurant in the world with 40,000 + franchises in more than 98 countries. They have made their name internationally for great fast food items now available. The restaurant offers a lot of crispy items in their menu and i personally love their recipes and its my favorite best fast Food chain i have ever experienced.

1. McDonald’s


Mc Donald's

Mc Donald’s

McDonald’s is the Number one name in the fast food industry and have done a fabulous job in getting such a top and honorable position in best and the most successful restaurants in the world. McDonald’s mainly sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers and french fries. They have expanded their menu now and have added a lot more of other fast food items too like salads and smoothies. McDonald is one of the outclass company which generates a primary revenue from royalties and franchises which are almost in each and every single country in the whole world.

Did you liked all these Fast food chains? What do you think about our list and also let us know that which are your all time favorite Fast Food Restaurants in the world.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants”

  1. Lorne Marr says:

    The best fast food restaurant is NoFastFoodRestaurant. When people finally realize it and start thinking about the junk food they eat, they will find out what a difference healthy food can make. I don’t judge those who end up, let’s say, at McDonald’s once in a month. I do it every now and then too. But eating such food regularly really isn’t the path leading to long life.

  2. Okay says:

    Comparing fast food dumps is like comparing toilets. They’re all crap. The crap they serve is crap. The service is crap. The price is crap. Crap, everything about them is crap.

  3. Rollan says:

    WOW!!! Hard decision to make. When you say fast food, most people think of McDonalds or Burger King. Here in my city, I have had to wait as much as 25 minutes in the drive through at both of these food chains.(NOT what I consider fast food.) For the value, I would have to say KFC is out favorite.

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