Top 10 Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is commonly used as our household item which contains natural power. It is a dietary fat and there are many benefits of using olive oil. The countless benefits and advantages of using Olive oil makes this oil the ever best product. It makes the food healthy when it used for cooking and accelerates the effects of medicines in which it is used. Similarly it helps in to soften the skin when applied and has really many great effects on hard tissues of the human body. It helps in underlying the side impacts of the unhealthy diet or weather conditions on the body. Apart from all these Olive oil has many other benefits of using. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Benefits of Using Olive oil in our daily life.


Uses of Olive Oil


Top 10 Benefits of Olive Oil

Top 10 Benefits of Olive Oil

10. Throat Softening Effect


Olive oil is the best tonic for throat softening. This is the reason many great singers use olive oil extensively so that there throat remain soft and it helps in keeping the voice clear. Not only Olive oil helps in soothing the throat but it also helps in preventing snoring which is a really irritating problem many people face.

9. Household Use of Olive Oil


Olive oil is used to polish the household furniture, remove paints from hands and body parts. It can also be used as a shoe polish which gives extra shine to the shoes.Olive oil can also be used to remove chewing gum from any surface easily and is most commonly used as hinge lubricant. Some of the people also use it as lamp fuel.

8. Kill Cancer Cells


Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases many people face these days. As Olive oil contains antioxidants and wide range of natural vitamins it helps fight cancer. These anti-oxidants lower the production of prostaglandins which play a major role in production of tumor cells. The chemicals present in olive oil helps in killing and suppressing the cancer cells.

7. Maintenance of Bones


Olive oil is rich in calcium amounts so it helps in the proper maintenance and calcification of bones and other body parts. It is mainly used for the treatment of many joint and bony disorders like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and arthritis some people face. Daily and proper amount of usage of oil can protect people especially women from all these disorders and helps in a good and healthy life style.

6. Massage Oil


Olive oil is popular oil used for massaging purposes in many saloons and also at home. It relives a person quite well and decreases stress. It also helps in better sleep. By proper massaging and applying it gently on the body can dissolve toxins and tones the muscles while strengthening the joints and making them more flexible.

5. Improves Memory


Olive oil is also thought to be good at keeping the good memory of the person as the daily intake of olive oil maintains the integrity of the brain. It helps in calming the nerves and tissues of the head and helps in cognitive functions. The person who uses olive oil regularly will not have the problem of Alzheimer and even at old age it helps in maintaining a strong memory.

4. Skin Treatment


Olive oil is used for better skin protection and keeping the skin smooth, beautiful and toned. It also helps provide a natural glow to the skin and not only that it helps in removing make up from skin and eye lashes easily. It helps reduces acne naturally and can be used a treatment for sunburn. Many people use olive oil as a tonic for anti-aging to look younger.

3. Healthy Digestive System


With the other countless advantages of using olive oil this one is the most important that it helps in proper and healthy digestive system. It acts as a laxative and makes a person less hungry and provides the sensation of fullness. It stimulates the synthesis of bile salts in liver and helps in excreting large amount of cholesterol by liver. It is also used to treat bad breath and you feel fresh and cool.

2. Healthy Hairs


Olive oil naturally contains many vitamins which provide nourishment to the hairs. It helps in providing the shine to the hairs and moisturizes the hairs which prevent dry scalp. Olive oil massage to the scalp increases the blood circulation through your head which makes your hair grow great and is also a good treatment to kill lice too if you use it on regular weekly basis.

1. Healthy for Cardiac and Diabetic Patients


Olive oil maintains the elasticity of arteries which lowers the risk of coronary arteries in the human body. It prevents a person from having a heart attack and is full of anti-oxidants which also help in lowering the high blood pressure or hypertension problems. Olive oil not only decreases the level of lipoprotein but also helps in increasing sugar levels and enhances sensitivity to insulin. In fact it is the healthiest and the most useful natural product we must use in our daily life.

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