Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Traffic Instantly

Bloggers are all the time in search of getting ways to build and get huge traffic easily to their blogs. As we know that Blogging is something very vast so there is no short cut method in increasing your blog or website traffic easily. For that you need to be actively work and promote your blog or website to enhance the audience of your blog so that you can make your voice heard to hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. Being a blogger i know how much blog traffic means to bloggers and webmasters. The blog traffic plays an important role thus we have to check out the ways to improve our blogs thus to increase the traffic rapidly and instantly. As we all know that blog traffic helps in boosting blog ranking and good search engine ranking position too. So lets share and talk about the best Top 10 ways to increase you traffic instantly. These are the 10 most valuable yet really basic tips to increase traffic in seconds.


Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Traffic Instantly

Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Traffic Instantly

10. Use WordPress


When you have planned and started a blog you should always go for WordPress as the blogging platform. WordPress is the easiest and the ever best yet professional blogging dashboard for all the bloggers. It has a lot of customization features and is an open source CMS platform which has became one of the most used and popular platform in the world. You must keep in mind that the WordPress blogs rank much higher in search engine ranking then Google or other hosted blogs. So better ranking yields more traffic to your blog.

9. Use Good SEO Plugins


As mentioned earlier that WordPress is the best known blogging platform so it also offers a wide range of best SEO plugins to help you rank more. The SEO plugins like Yoast plugin or All in one SEO pack are the best SEO plugins which can help you in driving a huge number of traffic to your blog. We recommend using any SEO plugin if you want to increase your traffic manifold.

8. Use Responsive Themes


Not only people but Google also hates low speed and high time loading blogs and websites. So you must use some kind of fast loading theme for your blog. Select any simple theme which is responsive and don’t take much time of the users so that they love to browse through your blog. To increase your blog traffic your website should take less time to load the web pages as Google strictly punish slow loading web pages in SERPS.

7. Customize 404 Pages


Yes this is one of the most important thing you should note down. Customize all your 404 pages if any in such a way that it looks appealing to your blog visitor and he should keep on browsing your website till he get his desired results. It helps in decreasing the bounce rate of the blog and helps in preventing to loose your precious visitors.

6. Sharing Options


The world is going social day by day with the increase in popularity of social giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest so you need to put share buttons in your blog posts so that if the visitor loves your posts – he/ she can easily share that information to his friends and circles thus automatically promoting your website and in result having an increase in traffic. Sharing is caring so it helps a lot in boosting the traffic.

5. Track Google Analytics


Google loves if you use their awesome tools. This is another great tool to track your audience and you can thus far get an insight to what your audience love to visit more. It is really important to get an idea that which kind of information people are looking for in your niche so you can write more on that to get more and more traffic easily.

4. Content is King


Of course it is the main thing you need to do – as you can not do anything in blogging if you don’t have anything to write and spread it to people. If you want to make your blog popular you need to write and produce quality content. Write something really informative as people are all the time browsing for some information. If they get there desired results they may bookmark you and keep on coming again and again thus increasing your daily traffic with no special efforts.

3. Keyword Research


Keyword Research is indeed one of the fundamentals of search engine marketing. People are always searching more and more on Google so you must produce the content to what people are searching for. Check in Google adwords to know what is the popularity of any keyword. This will help you get right kind of visitors and a targeted traffic to your blog thus enhancing your website ranking

2. Blog Commenting


Blog commenting has became really popular in the last 2-3 years. It is indeed a good way to interact with hundreds of people online and placing a relevant link in an active blogging comments or community can yield huge results and boost your traffic a lot. Keep on commenting on different blogs on your niche and build good relations with online community to get more visitors to your blog and increase your traffic.

1. Guest Posting


Guest Posting is one the most brilliant method of driving huge traffic from other blogs. The best way to do this is to write some posts on popular blogs who have a strong readership. Making guest post is really great thing to increase your traffic it helps gain authority and visibility. So you must try to produce some really good quality of posts to the blogs to get better results. Don’t only guest post for the link, write a post that may benefit the huge and strong base of people of that blog. In this case you will get a chance to meet new bloggers and people all over the world.

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    Great tips for the beginner,Nice Post.

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    nice tips…what will you think about yahoo answers,Social media websites…these are always great sources of traffic…

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