Top 10 Interesting Facts About English Language

English has become an official Language all over the world and many of us have familiar with tenses and all the stuffs associated in English speaking , learning and writing but still there are some interesting facts and things you will love to know and i hope many of we are unaware of them even having a good deal of English Language knowledge. One may speak English Fluently but it doesn’t certify him to be a TOEFL master until and unless he knows and in depth analysis of all these things. Here are top 10 Fun facts about the Words in English Language.We have come up with some of the interesting things and facts you may not have heard of. So lets start with the Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About the English Language.


Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About English Language



The Oldest word in English Language is “Town”. You may have been thinking of more old word used in Old English which are now abandoned. but believe me this word is hell old than any other word in English.


There are Three era’s of English in which English as a language progressed differently and in different cultures. i.e

  • The Old English
  • The Middle aged English
  • The Modern English


There is a word “Ough” which can be written and pronounced in 9 different ways. Weird na? . Lets read this sentence below and then tell us isnt that fact a true one.

“A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed”


Not Even in United States , English now has become the most spoken and official language of other countries too. There are millions of people around the globe who are English Speakers apart from being native Americans. the fact goes like this that more than 250 million People in US only have English as their primary language.


There have been many arguments regarding the fact that which is the longest sensible and meaningful word in English . But now Oxford Modern English has stated “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis” to be the longest word which is 45 Characters long . And its plural is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokonioses which is the longest plural word.


A most common fact is that there is a sentence you can type again and again on QWERTY keyboard in order to master in typing . The sentence is

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”


In English some words only exist in the plural forms, and amazingly some dont end up getting s to be plural. Lets check out. Glasses , binoculars, tongs , shears etc are used only as plural words. Pant is a single word and its plural is also pant not pants. :p


The word ” GoodBye” came and derived from the word ” GodBye” used in Old English which used to meant that “God be with you”.


The most interesting thing is that in Illinois , speaking the official English most people speak is a crime under their law. They are asked to speak “American” language.Amazed.


And the last and the best thing about this language is that English has the most vocabulary and it contains more than 1 million terms which can be utilized but according to a survey , we only speak 6,000-8,000 of all these terms at the time. Thus we can conclude the vast approach and incredibility of the English Language and can easily analyze thus that why is English the most popular language on the planet we are living.

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  1. fart says:

    Too bad this list wasn’t written in English.

    • SAJID says:

      Can i know whats the “Bad” thing about it…??
      I will really appreciate you to correct my English.

      • fart says:

        Most of it makes little sense. To be honest the majority sounds like a child trying use as many long words as possible to please their teacher who is probablu dumber than most of his/her students.

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    Finally something interesting, totally agree.

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