Top 10 Cool Features of Microsoft Surface

List of the Top 10 Best , Cool and Amazing Features of Microsoft Surface Tablet Windows 8. Best Windows 8 Tablet by Microsoft. Microsoft has been a good competitor in technology since last decades But no one was able to defeat Apple. iPad 2 and other tablets by Apple were a great head start for the modern era. But after a successful launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft a months ago, now Microsoft has announced this wonderful and best , unique tablet. The tablet is proudly powered by Windows 8 which is the most plus point for Microsoft and we hope that this feature of the Surface Tablet will grab the attention of many people world wide as for its some great and amazing features.

Here are some of the best and Top 10 Features of Microsoft Surface Tablet will recently launched. Check out these new features below.


Top 10 Cool Features of Microsoft Surface

Top 10 Cool Features of Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface has yet the biggest screens of all iPad and Windows Pro which is 10.6 inches. This is of course a great thing to hear as you have the portability on the move with almost net book sized tablet. The unique simple design of surface makes it really elegant.


Operating System 

The Other important feature of Surface is that it has Windows 8 as its operating System.Windows 8 is the best windows ever launched a months ago by Microsoft.The Angry Birds app is also available in Windows 8 operating system. The Operating System of Microsoft Surface has boosted the popularity of this great Microsoft tablet.



The great and extreme performance of surface is boosted by the intel Quad i5 Processor which is actually being missed by Apple and in iPad. Thus the processor makes the Microsoft Surface makes it the Fastest and most durable tablet on the planet. The Processor is luckily  incorporated with  Nvidia Tegra so as to make it able to perform great tasks and operations to make it stand against Apple iPADs.


Battery Timings 


The Microsoft surface claims its customers that on full battery charge , it will allow the users to be connected to the tablet for two complete days. I think 48 hours are enough for using the surface tablet for such long hours and stay connected has been made easy for its users gives one more great edge to Microsoft Surface.


Physical Keyboard


This is a cute little addition in this Microsoft Tablet and that is a separate attachable support and keyboard with it. Yeah it comes with the physical keyboard to gives it users the optimum performance they can enjoy while working and surfing the web on surface.




The most discussed and hot topic about surface is the kickstand feature. If you have the iPad you must have bought the iPad Case or cover for its protection. But Surface includes a wonderful free kickstand case for the tablet. A best thing while working in long hours and a good look to your surface.



While talking about iPad you can not transfer files from iPad to other devices as there is no option of USB port and neither it as some micro SD card slot. But the new Microsoft Surface includes both the features and it contains USB ports as well as micro SD card slot so you can transfer whatever and wherever you want.




Microsoft promise to have there tablet HD display that is strain free watching . I think the feature would be incredibly new and will be lovely but its yet to be seen that whether Microsoft be able to defeat the Retina Display feature of iPad or not.




The Microsoft Surface is a lot slim that other tablets and yes Microsoft seems to be competing its rival iPad and again trying to beat Apple at this stage too. Lets have a look.


iPad 3                   :    9.4 mm Thick

Microsoft Surface    :    9.3 mm Thick


But the Microsoft Surface is a bit heavier that iPad 3 as.


iPad 3                   :    652 grams


Microsoft Surface    :    676 grams


But don’t you think that the weight does not have that much difference and not that buggy like one can suppose , so it should not be thought of as a negative point of Surface , i think it has no issue with the use and fun you can have with this tablet.



Microsoft is always in competition with its marketing fellows and this time too they yet haven’t released the exact price of Microsoft Surface but the representative of Surface tablet told that the price of the tablet will be really competitive to the market rates. Thus we can presume that Microsoft Surface will cost approximately $900-$1000.


Lets have a little sneak peak of the Surface Tablet in the Official Video  and think and decide is Microsoft Surface really worth it.

It seems that this Microsoft Tablet known as Microsoft Surface may give Apple tablets a tough time at some time due to its great and cool yet amazing and unique and a kind of better features then apple tablets. But we still have to see , how people react to it at its launch.

So whats your plan dear readers about buying the Microsoft Surface and what you want to say about the Features of Surface Tablet?


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